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These stories feature the crew of the U.S.S. Reliant, NCC-1846, during the command of Captain Clarek Terrell. Featured in these stories are Executive Officer Pavel Andreievich Chekov, Chief Science Officer James Beach, Chief Security Officer Steven Kelowitz, Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Kyle, Chief Medical Officer Cynda Callison, Chief Navigation Officer Arex and Assistant Security Chief Thela Kazanga. Look for some of your favorite regulars to make appearances from time to time as well.

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"The Blue Rose"

written by Nomad; set in 2275/33
first published in 2009 as an on-line exclusive

Chekov arrives aboard the Reliant and meets up with an old girlfriend. Note: Story contains violence and sexual situations.

"Just Like You and Me"

written by Nomad; set in 2275/46
first published in 2010 as an on-line exclusive

Pavel Chekov and Thela Kazanga beam abouard an Orion slaver to rescue their hostages. Note: Story contains violence and sexual situations.

"The Darkened Sun"  *INCOMPLETE*

written by Nomad; set in 2275/47
first published in 2012 as an on-line exclusive

The Reliant encounters another Orion slaver with hostages from the cadet training ship, Lancer. Note: Story contains violence.

"Liberation from Hell"

written by d. William Roberts; set in 2276/63
available in ORION ARCHIVES 2276 Liberation from Hell
first published as a novella in 1996

The Kh'myr faction of Klingons have imprisoned Kang on the penal planet, Kragyr, and it's up to Kor, Koloth and Kumara to liberate him from Hell. On the way, they encounter Leonard McCoy, Clark Terrell and the crew of the Reliant, some angry Chrysalians, and even the ghost of Kahless himself?


U.S.S. Reliant Crew List

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