The Excelsior Crew


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(c) 2000 Curt DanhauserCaptain Hikaru Sulu — Commanding Officer

Overconfident, almost to a flaw; doesn’t usually confide in his command staff; doesn’t inspire loyalty; lover of Ariel Cord, but she’s not part of the command loop/inner circle, because he doesn’t have one; doesn’t like Tuvok; does not regard his crew as "friends."

portrayed by George Takei

Janice Rand 1.jpg (150803 bytes)Commander Janice Rand — Executive & Chief Communications Officer

To her, Starfleet is a job; doesn’t feel a part of the hierarchy; Sulu dresses her down for crew problems, especially Tuvok; often offers advice which is completely ignored; doesn’t like Ariel Cord; regards her as a porn bimbo turned doctor.

portrayed by Grace Lee Whitney

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersCaptain Deneice "Mallie" Maliszewski — Captain of Engineering

A complete and total genius, she doesn’t relate to the captain; not a part of the command loop, she refuses to sit in the center seat; "I did that once, but I won’t do it again...ever." Maliszewski developed the transwarp engines that Starfleet developed for the Excelsior. The transwarp project was a failure, but did achieve a faster warp drive.

portrayed by Sharon Mitchell


Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersCommander Ariel Cord — Chief Medical Officer

She’s a very good doctor, but not the galaxy’s greatest; former porn star; made a fortune in her father’s adult film industry; she doesn’t care for Janice Rand or her judgmental attitude; doesn’t offer advice to Sulu on any command matter; she’s already learned better; he doesn’t want her advice. She's remarkably young looking for her age (54).

portrayed by Jenna Jameson

Boris Lojur.jpg (29834 bytes)Lieutenant Commander Boris Lojur – Chief Helm Officer

A serious, nervous, earnest middle-aged man; an Armenian; a seasoned space veteran; recently promoted, he serves as third in command. Lojur had a homosexual relationship with Dmitri Valtane who perished during a battle with the Klingons near their border.


portrayed by Boris Krutonog


Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersLieutenant Linda Parker – Chief Navigation Officer

A relatively inexperienced navigator. Originally in Communications, she was more interested in interstellar navigation. As a result, she had been granted a post on the bridge by Sulu because he recognized a seed of brilliance in her work. A fresh young woman in awe of the universe and its mysteries is a welcome addition to the bridge crew. She is interested in Lieutenant Peterson, but he's not interested in her in the slightest.

portrayed by Jodie Foster

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersLieutenant Ryan Peterson — Chief Tactical Officer

The newest guy on the block; a gay male, but not even slightly feminine. The lieutenant is a tad insecure: "I’m not sure if I’m out of line here, being new and all, so if I am, just tell me, and I’ll shut up, but, well, the Klingons are charging their disruptors, and it looks like, maybe, just maybe, they intend to fire on us in, well, I wouldn’t be presumptuous, but five seconds or so?"

portrayed by Paul Reiser

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersLieutenant, j.g. Brai — Chief Security Officer

A Rigelian Kaylar, the dominant humanoid species of Rigel VIIl; a big, brutish looking with purple eyes, but actually quite affable; quiet, unassuming, an excellent strategist. He has openly defied Sulu when the captain has chosen to put himself in danger, and yet has never been called on the carpet for it. At 2.1 meters in height, perhaps Sulu doesn’t dare.


portrayed by Richard Kiel

Tuvok.jpg (5972 bytes)Ensign Tuvok – Science Officer

The young man is a Vulcan. All Vulcan. More Vulcan than Spock had ever hoped to be. But whereas Spock always had struggled to be Vulcan, it comes naturally to Tuvok. And with that comes an almost annoying set of habits that irritates Sulu to no end. The ensign has served nearly three years aboard the Excelsior.

portrayed by Tim Russ

(c) 2000 Curt DanhauserDoctor Dars Altos Viger — Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Typically Bolian, his ingratiating nature always annoys Captain Sulu; the captain has no doubt that Viger would suggestion enough revisions to Sickbay procedures and policies to such an extent that Chief Medical Officer Ariel Cord would become apoplectic.

portrayed by James Sloyan

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersDoctor Helen Noel — Ship’s Psychologist

Despite an early setback to her career, this Human female has advanced interstellar psychology to a new height with her assignment as one of the first starship psychologists in Starfleet.

portrayed by Geena Davis

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersLieutenant Ted "Kras" Krasnyk — First Assistant Chief Engineer

Throughout his career, Krasnyk, a Human male, has served as the assistant to Deneice Maliszewski. He helped her develop the failed transwarp drive engine, and has been at her side forever. He’s regarded as a competent if unimaginative engineer with an outlandish sense of humor and timing.

portrayed by Bob Denver

Jared Behn.jpg (6247 bytes)Ensign Jared Behn — Communications Officer

A Human male with a gravelly voice. Serves as Communications Officer whenever Janice Rand is busy performing her duties as Executive Officer.


portrayed by Christian Slater


Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersEnsign Roger Dashner — Science Officer

A Human male with a good sense of humor. He does not want the Chief Science Officer posting, preferring instead to conduct research in a variety of fields of study. Unfortunately, he is often pressed into duty at Science One by Captain Sulu, usually because the captain has grown weary of Ensign Tuvok. It's often hard to find Ensign Dashner; he devotes himself to his research, and finds interruptions annoying.

portrayed by Will Smith

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersChief Keyoto Hamilton — Transporter Chief

This Human male was only recently assigned to serve as transporter chief following the death of the extremely popular Transporter Chief Glarr, a Tellarite who was gruff but lovable. Chief Hamilton is a consummate professional, operating the transporter with as much art as skill.

portrayed by Ice Cube


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