The Excelsior Crew


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sulusad.jpg (119448 bytes)Captain Hikaru Sulu — Commanding Officer

Recently put in his place by Admiral Lystra Davis for challenging Fleet Captain Chekov's promotion, Hikaru Sulu became a lost soul, a pariah who has one last chance at command. Many of his senior officers abandoned him, requesting immediate transfers elsewhere. The new officers who've been assigned to the Excelsior are either cast offs from other ships or are there to pursue their own advancement. Sulu has learned from this humiliating experience, and is determined to restore his good name and his damaged friendship with Pavel Chekov.

portrayed by George Takei

floyd.jpg (89939 bytes)Commander Michael Floyd — Executive Officer

Born in Valdosta, Georgia, in North America, he attended the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology where he earned a master’s degree in Astrophysics. He transferred to Starfleet Academy afterwards, and went through all four years of the program (as opposed to the usual one-year or even ninety-day programs for specialists), gaining commendations from many of his professors. He spent the last six years aboard the assault patrol cruiser Hanzo where he had nothing but stellar remarks on his record, working his way through Security then Navigation, finally serving as Second Officer and then as the Hanzo’s exec. He accepted the assignment as the new executive officer because he believes that Sulu will fail in this last chance of command, and he plans on being there to step in to replace him.

portrayed by Michael Billington

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersCaptain Deneice "Mallie" Maliszewski — Captain of Engineering

A complete and total genius, she doesn’t relate to the captain; not a part of the command loop, she refuses to sit in the center seat; "I did that once, but I won’t do it again...ever." Maliszewski developed the transwarp engines that Starfleet developed for the Excelsior. The transwarp project was a failure, but did achieve a faster warp drive. She was unaware that the other senior officers had departed for greener pastures, and has no interesting in leaving the Excelsior. Sulu has begun to wonder if she has been tinkering with the starship's warp engines.

portrayed by Sharon Mitchell

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersCommander Ariel Cord — Chief Medical Officer

She’s a competent physician. A former porn star, she made a fortune in her father’s adult film industry. She is resentful of the senior staff who she feels "betrayed" her lover, Hikaru Sulu. While Cord doesn’t offer advice to Sulu on command matters (she’s already learned better; he doesn’t want her advice), she's not above being critical of Fleet Captain Chekov and overly supportive of Hikaru Sulu. She's remarkably young looking for her age (56), a fact that hasn't escaped the notice of Starfleet Intelligence.

portrayed by Jenna Jameson

kenyatta_fulton.jpg (97694 bytes)Lieutenant Kenyatta Fulton – Chief Helm Officer

Athletic, she is a linguists expert who signed aboard the trouble Excelsior knowing that its destination is the Beta Quadrant. Her brother, a private scout for the Marquesas Botanical Research Group, disappeared in that quadrant some five years ago. Although she knows it unlikely, she's hoping against hope that she finds him.

portrayed by Heather Hunter

klystin.jpg (51685 bytes)Lieutenant, j.g., Klystin – Chief Navigation Officer

An orange- and brown-skinned Kzinti male who has only recently graduated from Starfleet Academy at the bottom of his class in terms of academics. However, his skills at subspace navigation may rival that of the Medusans. His social skills leave much to be desired; like most Kzinti males, he is a genuine misogynist who does not know how to deal with the females aboard the Excelsior, so he avoids them completely (and they gladly avoid him as well). He has been transferred from two other ships, one whose female Caitian commander filed sexual harrassment charges against him, and the other who simply couldn't tolerate the borderline insolence Klystin has toward all officers. His tour of duty aboard the Excelsior is generally seen as a punishment, but whether for Lieutenant Klystin or Captain Sulu, has yet to be determined.

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersLieutenant Ryan Peterson — Chief Tactical Officer

When the other senior officers left for greener pastures, Peterson tried to leave as well, but all his requests for transfers were denied. Sulu tried to get him transferred as well to no avail. So Peterson is stuck, for the time being, aboard the Excelsior, a situation neither he nor Sulu likes. The lieutenant is a tad insecure: "I’m not sure if I’m out of line here, being new and all, so if I am, just tell me, and I’ll shut up, but, well, the Klingons are charging their disruptors, and it looks like, maybe, just maybe, they intend to fire on us in, well, I wouldn’t be presumptuous, but five seconds or so?" 

portrayed by Paul Reiser

grexi.JPG (95564 bytes)Lieutenant Grexi – Chief Communications Officer

An Edoan as a communications officer isn't all that unusual for Sulu. He's served with Edoans all his life. But this one has an altruistic streak that seems reckless, and yet is clearly overly fearful of any potentially dangerous situation. He was transferred to the Excelsior by a captain who had nothing but the highest praises for the officer, but when pressed, Grexi's previous commander wouldn't give any reasons for the transfer.

portrayed by Ian Gruffudd

janson.JPG (64021 bytes)Lieutenant Commander Timothy Janson — Chief Security Officer

An elderly chap, British recently transferred to the Excelsior. He's in the latter part of his career, and he's seen more horror than most of the crew would ever have nightmares about. He's been in hand-to-hand combat with a Klingon during which he barely survived a punctured lung. He was tortured by Tellarite terrorists, and still has the scars on his back to prove it. He's an old friend of Kevin Riley, and he's aboard the Excelsior to guard Sulu's back.

portrayed by George Sewell

tork.JPG (120977 bytes)Ensign Tork – Chief Science Officer

An Andorian scientist of great renown, he's not a young man, but joined Starfleet after the failure of a major project of which he was in charge. Little is known about the incident (Tork is not predisposed to discuss the matter), but the threat of public outcry over the incident led him to Starfleet. He hopes to clear his name by making a exciting, new discovery in the Beta Quadrant.

portrayed by Vladek Sheybal

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersDoctor Helen Noel — Ship’s Psychologist

Despite an early setback to her career, this Human female has advanced interstellar psychology to a new height with her assignment as one of the first starship psychologists in Starfleet. She's counseled both Captain Sulu and Doctor Cord, but she herself has issues. She tends to be overly protective of the crew, and as of late has wondered if the captain the source of their problem. Little does she realize she's projecting...

portrayed by Geena Davis

Photo-manipulation by Randy LandersChief Keyoto Hamilton — Transporter Chief

Chief Hamilton is a consummate professional, operating the transporter with as much art as skill. His gentleness is renowned aboard the Excelsior, but be warned. There's a line with him as far as how far you can push him. If you cross it, he has no problem about reminding you of your place in the universe.

portrayed by Ice Cube

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