Biographies of the Senior Crew of the

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Captain Shaun Kelsey – Commanding Officer

shaunkelsey.JPG (130464 bytes)His first assignment was on the U.S.S. Enterprise where he trained under Captain Kirk until transferred to the U.S.S. Samson. There he worked his way up to the rank and position of Commander and Second Officer before the onset of the Kelvan War. During the war, he was decorated on numerous occasions for bravery under fire, both as a member of the ill-fated Samson as well as the commander of the corvette U.S.S. Fer d’Lance. He is highly competent both tactically and strategically, instilling strong loyalty and commitment from his crew. He met his wife—Commander Arlene Williams—while serving on the Enterprise.


Commander Thorrell – Executive Officer

thorrell.JPG (100828 bytes)Graduate of the accelerated Super Nova class at the Academy. He is a very strong and motivated officer with a high level of self esteem, constantly in search of action. Decorated for valor during the Kelvan War, he saw many major engagements. He first met Captain Kelsey while still a cadet during a survival mission that turned hostile. Since Kelsey saved his life during that event, he is extremely loyal to him.


Commander Arlene Williams – Chief Science Officer, Second Officer

ArleneWilliams.JPG (69918 bytes)Began her career onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise under Captain Kirk. Decorated for valor during the Kelvan War, which she earned during the fight when the U.S.S. Alliance became the last dreadnought class starship to survive the initial onslaught. She is a very professional science officer and insists upon maintaining strict adherence to the agreement she has with her husband not to get any help, or special favors from him. Her husband is Captain Kelsey and she first met him while assigned to the Enterprise.




Lieutenant Ghilar Stronton – Chief Engineering Officer

stronton.JPG (39064 bytes)Graduate of the accelerated Super Nova class at Starfleet’s Academy. Considered a genius in his field it explains his youth in correlation with his rank. His specialty is creating useful mechanisms from the material at hand. Captain Kelsey met this young officer while he was still young and with his parents—colonists that were being transported to their new home. He was instrumental in the outcome of a dangerous situation which occurred while in transit to the colony. U.S.S. Chosin is his first assignment and he is still learning how a ship works in real life.




Lieutenant "Hrisch" Hrisherisch – Chief Tactical Officer

Hrisch.JPG (16601 bytes)Up until his assignment to the U.S.S. Chosin, he has always been a Chief Petty Officer and proud of it. He grudgingly took a commission to take the offered position of helm officer from Captain Kelsey. Past assignment was as Weapons Chief Petty Officer for torpedo room number two on the U.S.S. Enterprise, where he first met Captain Kelsey, then a lieutenant. Highly decorated for valor during the Kelvan War.




Dr. Shakura – Chief Medical Officer

shakura.JPG (81782 bytes)A veteran of both long range explorations and the Kelvan War, she is probably the most seasoned of the crew outside of Captain Kelsey himself. She is of Indian descent and a very competent doctor. She prides herself in being able to adjust to any situation, with any person, especially her commanding officer, which makes her a valued asset.




Major Matthew MasonStarfleet Marines, Commanding Officer, 1st Regiment, Sector 1
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Major Mason is a hardcore marine, and triple ace from the Kelvan War, one of the best the Federation has. He expects only the best from his marines and gets it. His wing is one of the most decorated in the Federation.




Lieutenant Miranda Roberts – Chief Navigation Officer

roberts.JPG (142695 bytes)Though not a veteran of the Kelvan War, she has seen duty on the U.S.S. Alliance where she established herself as a first rate navigator and where she met Commander Williams. She accepted the invitation to join the crew of the U.S.S. Chosin without even a second thought because of this friendship. A very sociable officer who enjoys a good time as much as the next person, but is no nonsense when it comes to the ship’s helm.



Lieutenant j.g. Aherrowla -- Chief Helm Officer

puri.JPG (85636 bytes)Aherrowla comes from a very influential pride on Cait (Alpha Lyncis VI). Though she's seen service on the U.S.S. Lexington, this is her first assignment as the chief helm officer. She is very demur and outside of her duties at the helm, somewhat quiet. However, don't get on her bad side, because like all others of her species, she is a very competent, and deadly, hand-to-hand fighter. Her pride leader, Mahlerowl, remains on Cait, where he maintains a large pride of fifteen females, many of which are serving in Starfleet. Aherrowla is the youngest, having not cubbed yet.



Ensign Torval Q’stor – Physical Fitness Trainer

qstor.JPG (56420 bytes)Recent graduate of the Academy with a major in physical training and a physician’s assistant. As an Orion female, she is an enigma since they rarely are found onboard a starship except to entertain the males. She is anything but this and all business, treating the males of the ship’s crew harshly and with intolerance as she puts them through the rigors of a very strenuous physical fitness program.





Lieutenant Rion – Transporter ChiefRion.JPG (49883 bytes)

The senior technician for this specialty onboard the U.S.S. Chosin. He was decorated for valor during the Kelvan War and saw extensive action having had three ships shot out from under him.

A Grazerite, Rion is herbivorous, eschewing meat and dairy from his diet. He requires very little sleep, and almost always can be found on duty in Transporter Room One. Like most Grazerites, he avoids confrontations and violence, but will fight when cornered.



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