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Starring Walter Koenig as "Captain Chekov"Captain Pavel Andreievich Chekov, Commanding Officer

Chekov was born in Leningrad, Russia on Terra in 2245, the only child of two native Jewish Russians. He entered Starfleet at the age of 17, and was assigned to the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2266. Despite many personal and career setbacks, he has grown both in his own way and under the tutelage of Captain James T. Kirk. In December 2294, in the wake of the disastrous launch of the Enterprise,  he was at last promoted to Captain, a position in which he has begun to distinguish himself, also serving as mentor to crewmembers that include the heirs of the officers who trained him.


and Nichelle Nichols as "Commander Uhura"Commander Upenda "Penda" Nyota Uhura,
Executive Officer/Chief Communications Officer

Born in the United States of Africa in 2239, Uhura graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2261. Joining the legendary crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise in 2266, she often distinguished herself, but not enough to overcome the stereotype associated with the position of Communications Officer, not to mention Starfleet’s overwhelming need for professionals trained in this discipline. Despite the esteem and respect given her in general and especially by her friends and crewmates through twenty-five years of service, her break finally came when old friend and former trainee Pavel Chekov took the center seat of the Enterprise-B and named her his executive officer

Also Starring Majel Barrett Roddenberry as "Doctor Chapel"Commander Christine Chapel, Chief Medical Officer

A valued member of Captain James Kirk’s original Enterprise crew, former Head Nurse and now Doctor Christine Chapel has left behind a lot of emotional baggage, including an unrequited love for now-Ambassador Spock and a false instance of her late fiancÚ, Roger Korby, turning up alive. After receiving her MD, she returned to the Enterprise on its second mission. Following the Serenidad Tragedy, she served in various positions at Starfleet Medical. She jumped at the chance to pursue field work again as Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise-B under her old friend Pavel Chekov.

And featuring Kirstie Alley as "Mister Saavik"Lieutenant Commander Saavik,
Second Officer/Chief Tactical Officer

Born in 2261, she is the daughter of Szarin R'el'ikian, a female Romulan Consul and of Scopal, a Vulcan Science Academy observer. After the loss of her parents, she made her way in the Romulan outpost called Hellguard by some until rescued by Spock. Raised on Earth by Spock’s great-aunt Roberta Grayson, she entered Starfleet Academy in 2278. A contrast because of her upbringing and dual Romulan heritage, Saavik nonetheless began to rise in Starfleet, distinguishing herself during the Khan/Genesis/Whalesong crisis. Yet this was not without cost. Spock’s rebirth on the Genesis world forced her to become physically intimate with her father-figure in order to ensure his survival. The murder of her impromptu bondmate Doctor David Marcus caused his essence to be trapped inside her for a decade. Her unwillingness to release Marcus or acknowledge her awkwardness with Spock nearly led to her death in late 2294. She recovered and now serves as Chief Tactical Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise-B,   growing under the guidance of Captain Chekov and Commander Uhura.

With Brigitte Neilsen as "Chief Engineer Sorenson"Lieutenant Commander Katya Sorenson,
Chief Engineering Officer

Sorenson was originally the Captain of Engineering in charge of the repairs to the Enterprise-B following its encounter with the Nexus. But her abrasiveness and insubordination to Chekov during an accident resulted in a demotion from Starfleet Command. Later, she was assigned to be his chief engineer. Chekov was surprised to learn that she has learned her lesson and is an outstanding engineer. However, she still can be abusive to subordinates, but has learned to treat her captain with respect. It's been made clear to her by Starfleet Engineering that if she screws up this assignment, her career is over.

Jeff Goldblum as "Lieutenant Ch'terr"Lieutenant Ch'terr, Chief Security Officer

A native of Alpha Carinae II, this Skorr male has served with distinction aboard the scoutship U.S.S. Hercules as a security squad commander. The Herc had seen quite a bit of action with the Kzinti, and Ch'terr had proven himself excellent at keeping himself and his squad alive. Chekov brought him aboard the Enterprise to serve in the same capacity. He rolls his Ls when speaking. The Skorr is also fond of so-called ‘groaner’ humor, a fact which puts him into a friendly contention with Science Officer Peter Kirk–and to the sighs and rolling eyes of their crewmates forced to sit in the crossfire. Neither should quit their day jobs for stand-up comedy.

Jenette Goldstein as "Lieutenant Vasquez"Lieutenant Roberta Vasquez, Chief Science Officer

She originally had been on the Enterprise-B when it encountered the Nexus, but had been transferred off by Starfleet Personnel following the suicide of John Harriman. Surprisingly, she was transferred back as Chief Science Officer following the discovery that her replacement (the "Vulcan" Lieutenant Rathan) had been a Romulan agent. It has been her lifelong dream to be a science officer, and she is quite a pleasant, charming person.


Justin Long as "Navigator Escri"Lieutenant j.g. Escri, Chief Navigation Officer

An Illyran male, he had served aboard the Hathaway, one of the new Constellation-class ships, but had little notations on his record. Illyrans were a rather gullible race--Harcourt Fenton Mudd had once sold their government Starfleet Academy--but were also intellectual giants. Space-time coordinate systems were taught in elementary schools on their planet. Chekov hoped Escri would quickly prove himself as an outstanding navigator. Escri is familiar with Lieutenant Commander Saavik as a result of serving together aboard the Hathaway, however they are not very close.

Jacquelene Kim as "Demora Sulu"Ensign Demora Sulu, Chief Helm Officer

Daughter of Captain Hikaru Sulu, she's a lively character, madly in love with Intergalactic News Service reporter, Willis O'Brien. Chekov is Demora's godfather, and while that might cause some strain, what little he'd seen of her in action against the energy ribbon had convinced him she would make a fine officer. She is rather impulsive and loose tongued. 



Special Guest Star Leonard Nimoy as "Ambassador Spock"Spock, Federation Ambassador-at-Large

Former Captain, Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer of the Enterprise and Enterprise-A. His presence on the Enterprise-B is one by choice, but he does not involve himself in the day-to-day scientific mission of the ship. Instead, he solely focuses on diplomatic missions, often without success.


And Tommy Hinkley as "Willis O'Brien"Field Reporter Willis O'Brien, Intergalactic News Service

One of the many reporters present at the Enterprise-B’s disastrous launch, he is part of a public relations ploy, and gives news daily reports from the Enterprise as a part of their news service. Willis O'Brien is not a pushover, and is known to make mistakes, especially social faux pas,  but he's not above apologizing when he's wrong. Quite an opinionated person, but he doesn't shove his opinions at his viewers. He is infatuated with Demora Sulu, and she with him.



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