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Starring Walter Koenig as "Captain Chekov"Captain Pavel Andreievich Chekov, Commanding Officer

Chekov was born in Leningrad, Russia on Terra in 2245, the only child of two native Jewish Russians. He entered Starfleet at the age of 17, and was assigned to the Enterprise in 2266. Despite many personal and career setbacks, he has grown both in his own way and under the tutelage of Captain James T. Kirk. In December 2294, in the wake of the disastrous launch of the Enterprise,  he was at last promoted to Captain, a position in which he has begun to distinguish himself, also serving as mentor to crewmembers that include the heirs of the officers who trained him. In December 2295, Commander Starfleet Lystra Davis promoted Captain Chekov to Fleet Captain and assigned a number of ships to his command.

And featuring Kirstie Alley as "Mister Saavik"Commander Saavik, Executive Officer

Born in 2261, she is the daughter of Szarin R'el'ikian, a female Romulan Consul and of Scopal, a Vulcan Science Academy observer. After the loss of her parents, she made her way in the Romulan outpost called Hellguard by some until rescued by Spock. Raised on Earth by Spock’s great-aunt Roberta Grayson, she entered Starfleet Academy in 2278. A contrast because of her upbringing and dual Romulan heritage, Saavik nonetheless began to rise in Starfleet, distinguishing herself during the Khan/Genesis/Whalesong crisis. Yet this was not without cost. Spock’s rebirth on the Genesis world forced her to become physically intimate with her father-figure in order to ensure his survival. The murder of her impromptu bondmate Doctor David Marcus caused his essence to be trapped inside her for a decade. Her unwillingness to release Marcus or acknowledge her awkwardness with Spock nearly led to her death in late 2294. She recovered and now serves as Chief Tactical Officer of the Enterprise-B. In the wake of the command staff shuffle once Chekov was made Fleet Captain, Saavik was promoted to Executive Officer.

Also Starring Majel Barrett Roddenberry as "Doctor Chapel"Commander Christine Chapel, Chief Medical Officer

A valued member of Captain James Kirk’s original Enterprise crew, former Head Nurse and now Doctor Christine Chapel has left behind a lot of emotional baggage, including an unrequited love for now-Ambassador Spock and a false instance of her late fiancÚ, Roger Korby, turning up alive. After receiving her MD, she returned to the Enterprise on its second mission. Following the Serenidad Tragedy, she served in various positions at Starfleet Medical. She jumped at the chance to pursue field work again as Chief Medical Officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise-B under her old friend Pavel Chekov.

With Brigitte Neilsen as "Chief Engineer Sorenson"Lieutenant Commander Katya Sorenson, Chief Engineer

Sorenson was originally the Captain of Engineering in charge of the repairs to the Enterprise-B following its encounter with the Nexus. But her abrasiveness and insubordination to Chekov during an accident resulted in a demotion from Starfleet Command. Later, she was assigned to be his chief engineer. Chekov was surprised to learn that she has learned her lesson and is an outstanding engineer. However, she still can be abusive to subordinates, but has learned to treat her captain with respect. It's been made clear to her by Starfleet Engineering that if she screws up this assignment, her career is over.

Keanu Reeves as "Peter Kirk"Lieutenant Peter Kirk, Chief Science Officer

A survivor of the blastoneuron invasion of Deneva, and nephew to the legendary James T. Kirk, Peter Claudius Kirk has had a troubled Starfleet career, including a criminal conspiracy with the Klingons that nearly involved the death of a young woman who’d been abducted. Following years in the Tantalus Penal Colony, Peter Kirk returned to Starfleet to start over. After eventful postings aboard the Shenandoah and Marseilles, he found himself on Serenidad during the Gorkon Initiative and Khitomer Peace Conference, defending Teresa and her children from a Klingon assault force. After various stints at scientific research facilities, Kirk was assigned to the Enterprise-B as Assistant Chief Science Officer under the command of Captain Pavel Chekov, where he has developed into a fine officer. He has recently begun a relationship with Saavik.

Daniel J. Travanti as "Ch'terr"Lieutenant Commander Ch'terr, Chief Security Officer

A native of Alpha Carinae II, this Skorr male has served with distinction aboard the scoutship U.S.S. Hercules as a security squad commander. The Herc had seen quite a bit of action with the Kzinti, and Ch'terr had proven himself excellent at keeping himself and his squad alive. Chekov brought him aboard the Enterprise to serve in the same capacity. He rolls his Ls when speaking. The Skorr is also fond of so-called ‘groaner’ humor, a fact which puts him into a friendly contention with Science Officer Peter Kirk and subjects them to the rolling eyes of their crewmates forced to sit in the crossfire.

Jenette Goldstein as "Lieutenant Vasquez"Lieutenant Roberta Vasquez, Chief Tactical Officer

She originally had been on the Enterprise-B when it encountered the Nexus, but had been transferred off by Starfleet Personnel following the suicide of John Harriman. Surprisingly, she was transferred back as Chief Science Officer following the discovery that her replacement (the "Vulcan" Lieutenant Rathan) had been a Romulan agent. It has been her lifelong dream to be a science officer, and she is quite a pleasant, charming, outgoing person who really loves her work out on the final frontier.

Mark Dacascos as "Grenoka"Ensign Grenoka, Chief Helm Officer

Following the court-martial of Ensign Demora Sulu, Chief Petty Officer Grenoka, an Efrosian, found himself promoted to the position of Chief Helm Officer. He also found himself the new occupant of her quarters. While Grenoka had achieved excellence as a Killer Bee pilot, he is relishing his position as Chief Helmsman of the Enterprise. Like all Efrosians, he prefers dim lighting, and Chekov will often lower the bridge lighting levels when he's on duty, especially during combat situations when Grenoka's augmented vision gives him a better perspective on three-dimensional maneuvers. And like all Efrosians, he has a sense of honor and duty, especially toward Captain Chekov who he reveres.

Gary Myers as "Siran"Lieutenant Siran

The death of Lieutenant Escri during the battle in in NGC-2548 left the navigator's position open, and Chekov turned to an Academy classmate to fill the post. Siran, a Vulcan who previously served aboard the U.S.S. Essex, has returned to Starfleet under a cloud of mystery, his records sealed, and only Chekov, Saavik and Doctors Beals and Chapel know the dark secret that caused him to resign in disgrace more than twenty years ago. In fact, he has counseling with Doctor Beals weekly. As a Vulcan, Siran is dispassionate about most everything, and nothing rattles the navigator.


Lance Guest as "Ensign Michaels"Ensign Roger Michaels
Chief Communications Officer

Having trained at Starfleet Command as a cultural observer, Michaels often comes across as a bit dishonest because he avoids taking sides in any situation. The Enterprise is his first assignment, and the decision to assign him to Communications stemmed from his natural ability to pick up languages.

Mackenzie Phillips as "Bucky"Lieutenant Natalie Buchanan
Second Science Officer

A bit flighty, always a bit disorganized and seemingly unkempt, Bucky is tall and skinny (so much so that her uniforms never seem to fit her properly). She's an outstanding biosciences expert who has picked up degrees in botany, biology and microbiology. She is infatuated with both Peter Kirk and Roberta Vasquez.

Halle Berry as "Ensign Bass"Ensign Judith Bass
Chief Weapons Officer

Newly assigned to the Enterprise following the death of Commander Katrina Brooks in starcluster NGC-2548, she is an expert marksmen with small hand-held weapons. She's renowned for being able to out-think the ship's computer on battle tactics, and was a remarkable find for Chekov...perhaps too remarkable.  

and Catherine Mary Stewart as "Doctor Beals"Lieutenant Sydney Beals
Ship's Psychologist

A long-time friend of Helen Noel, she appears to be the girl-next-door type outwardly. Inwardly, she's very distrustful of Chekov's authority on the Enterprise, and has been known to challenge him on mentally ill crew. But she is good at her job, and Fleet Captain Chekov intends on keeping her around for now...

Special Guest Star Leonard Nimoy as "Ambassador Spock"Spock, Federation Ambassador-at-Large

Former Captain, Executive Officer and Chief Science Officer of the Enterprise and Enterprise-A. His presence on the Enterprise-B is one by choice, but he does not involve himself in the day-to-day scientific mission of the ship. Instead, he solely focuses on diplomatic missions, often without or only limited success. Spock shuttles back and forth amidst the ships of the Sixth Fleet in the Diogenes, a small warp shuttle.



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