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March 13th 2295

The wind had stopped blowing, and the snow had ceased, at least for a while. The velvet sky was as black as pitch, and the stars shone like diamonds. Suddenly, a new star seemed to appear out of nowhere, brighter than all the rest, and it moved slowly westward across the sky. Moments later it was joined by another star, then another and then another.

Three columns of reddish light appeared out of nowhere, and three Segh vav Klingons materialized. A cloud of blue sparkles coalesced into a Federation ambassador.

"It’s cold here," one of the Klingons remarked.

"We’re not here to sightsee, Koloth. We’re here to sign a blood oath."

"Yes, Kang, we know that. But why did you choose such a desolate world?"

"I’m the one who chose it, Kor. Do you have a problem with that?" asked the Federation ambassador.

Kor, Kang and Koloth regarded the Human with furrowed brows. "As a matter of fact, I do," Kor answered, his hand drifting toward his battle dagger.

"Stay your weapon, Kor. Our distinguished visitor had a reason for choosing this snowball, I’m sure." Kang turned toward the humanoid. "I would like to hear it myself, in fact."

The balding man rolled his eyes. "Great. I take a chance to do this, breaking Federation policy and procedures, and the only thing I ask is that I get to choose an out of the way location so as not to attract any attention. And Tau Sagittarii Nine is certainly out of the way. Almost a hundred twenty lightyears from Earth, while only fifty or so from Qo’noS. What could be better than this?"

"A planet with a temperate environment," suggested Koloth.

"But you’re the d’akturak," the ambassador replied, a cocky grin on his face.

Koloth growled, his hand drifting toward the hilt of his battle-dagger.

"We’re wasting time," Kang snarled. He thrust his hand out, pulled the glove off and slashed his palm with his d’k tagh. "Swear it!"

Kor looked around, and followed Kang’s lead. Slicing his palm with his own blade, "I swear."

Koloth shook his head. "This is certainly not the formal form of a blood oath." He sighed. "Nonetheless..." He laid open his palm.

All three pairs of Klingon eyes turned to the ambassador. "All right, Curzon, it is your turn."

Looking at the pools of purple blood accumulating in their hands, Curzon Dax, Federation Ambassador to Qo’noS held out his hand. With a lightning fast slash, Kang had laid open the palm. "Shit! Damn! Fuck!" He shook the hand. "I just wanted to borrow your knife."

Kang took out a small flamepot and ignited it. All of them gathered around it. Then the three Klingons murmured an ancient prayer, a chant of vengeance. They raised their eyes to the stars above them. Dax’s eyes followed suit, and saw that they were looking at the star around which Boreth orbited.

Kang spoke, "We swear upon the spirits of our first-born sons that we will avenge their deaths at the hands of the Albino."

Kor added, "We also pledge that he will suffer great agony of spirit before he slowly dies for his crimes against our children."

Koloth intoned, "These things we will fulfill as promised, or die in the attempt, as it was in the times of the Father of us All, Kahless the Unforgettable!"

The Klingons then held their bleeding hands over the flamepot, letting the precious drops of life mingle with the incense. Curzon let his blood drip on the flames as well.

"It is done," Kang said, approvingly.

Koloth looked up at the four stars flying in formation. "How in Kahless’ name did you ever manage to convince Starfleet to send you here in a Constellation class cruiser?"

Curzon Dax glanced upward. "Oh, that. No big deal. Captain Kelsey and I are old friends." He glanced around the frozen wasteland. "Kind of an ironic choice, too, come to think of it." He looked at the Klingons. "It’s time I go, my friends. I will be there when you need me. Good hunting." He opened his communicator. "Dax to Chosin. One to beam aboard."

The Federation ambassador disappeared in a swirl of blue and silver sparkles.

The three Klingons regarded each other with pained expressions in their eyes. "Do you believe this Trill will uphold the blood oath?" asked Koloth uncertainly.

Kang nodded. "I do. He seems brash, but he has more honor in his heart than he would ever reveal in his words."

Kor agreed. "It will make a good song, don’t you think?"

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