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Captain Penda Nyota Uhura
Commander of the U.S.S. Hyperion

From Kenya, just outside Nairobi, actually; her ancestry is Masai tribe. Fluent in Swahili, as well as the Masai language and Federation standard. Initially, somewhat insecure in her post as a captain, she quickly has matured into the post, very easily and thoroughly earning the loyalty and respect of the crew she has assembled. In the fall of 2297, she married Dr. Baraka Keme M'Benga.

KenReichard.jpg (41527 bytes)Lieutenant Commander Ken Reichard
Executive Officer, Chief Navigator

Human, from the North American Midwest. Served briefly on the Enterprise under Captain Kirk’s command, and now serving with former shipmate Uhura. Tends to be a bit on the cocksure side, and almost abrasively self confident, but on the whole has the skill to back it up.

Lieutenant Drevan
Chief Science Officer

An Andorian male, serving as science officer; has Ph.D. in mathematics; a second in biology and a third in physics. He has considerable experience in clandestine operations, having worked with T’Soral and Harrison Davids in that area, but is on his first tour of duty as a starship science officer. He’s brilliant, of course, but like all Andorians, is capable of explosive anger and is immensely physically strong. Blindingly white hair, which earned him the nickname "Snowdome" while in clandestine activities.

T'Soral.JPG (49153 bytes)Lieutenant T’Soral
Chief Communications Officer

A Vulcan female, she is so severely myopic that without correction, she can see little more than shapes at 2 meters, and at 4 meters, little more than light and dark. She has compensatory augmentation of her ability to hear, and of her ability to sense and read mental signatures. Like all Vulcans, she is totally logical, but her increased dependency has mollified her emotional control somewhat: she is more likely to express feelings of gratitude, for instance. With corrective lenses in place, she is able to function fairly normally. It is her times without them that has made her more sharply aware of her dependence. Has done considerable clandestine work, most recently around Harrison Davids and Drevan. Since she rarely wore her corrective lenses during her clandestine operations, in order to enhance her already heightened ability to sense and read mental signatures, she went by the nickname "Mole. In the fall of 2297, she married Dr. Eletto, with whom he shares the expected mind meld between Vulcan spouses; the meld is unusually clear and close, for reasons neither individual can clearly explain.

Marsden.JPG (124416 bytes)Lieutenant James Marsden
Chief Helm Officer

A Human male, young and aggressive, but a creative thinker. Sufficiently seasoned to be comfortable navigating in and through combat, but new enough not to take his skills for granted. Has an almost uncanny ability to anticipate what his fellow officer, Joe Tucker, is going to do, and to maneuver the Hyperion to match it; similarly, has a knack for anticipating enemy fire, and managing to just barely dodge it. During his eighteen months aboard the Hyperion, he held the rank of Ensign. Once Captain Uhura determined it was due to a testing phobia that gripped Marsden whenever undergoing rank reviews, she changed the testing parameters, and Marsden passed with flying colors, earning him the rank of Lieutenant in 2297. Following the death of Joe Tucker, he became Chief Weapons Officer.

Tucker.JPG (115527 bytes)Lieutenant Joseph "Joe" Tucker
Chief Weapons Officer

Works together well with both Reichard and Marsden, but especially the latter; the two tend to be in half way, very friendly, competition in terms of coming up with new ways to defend the Hyperion, and deliver deadly force to anyone foolish enough to threaten the ship and crew. Hails from the British Isles, having grown up near Salsbury, England (and thus Stonehenge). He was killed in the line of duty in a shuttle crash in late 2297, and was replaced as Chief Weapons Officer by James Marseden.

Indri.JPG (80103 bytes)Commander Indri
Chief Engineering Officer

A Human male, he served under Scotty for a prolonged period of time on the Enterprise. An orphan from India, he has no other name than Indri, has no idea of who his parents might have been, and in general has gotten where he is by a combination of sheer brilliance, determination and the ability to think one step ahead of anything and anyone. Is forever patching together circuitry to pull off another of Marsden and Tucker’s harebrained schemes for assault and defense of the Hyperion, occasionally also working with other crew members for similar results. Like his mentor, the late Captain Montgomery Scott, whom Indri more or less idolizes, he has the ability to fix almost anything with virtually nothing, and do it in hardly any time at all. Also like the intrepid Scott, when he has cadets under foot, he's determined to drive them far beyond what they thought were their limits, and to make real starship engineers out of them, or burn them out trying.

RunningBear.jpg (54876 bytes)Lieutenant Jesse Running Bear
Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

A Human male, descended from the Illiniwek tribe; first met Indri and Scotty as a raw cadet on the Enterprise but was moved on to other ships, only to return to his mentor, Indri, on the Hyperion. He is very much Indri's right hand, and his sounding board for some of the unique things that come out of Engineering. Although trained in Engineering at the Academy, he learned a good deal about tactics and strategy among the Illiniwek as he grew up. He is strongly attracted to Relief Communications Officer Deanna O'Doul.

DrMBenga.JPG (67983 bytes)Captain Baraka Keme M’Benga
Chief Medical Officer

Has been on and off the Enterprise, including a brief (and undesirable) stint as Starfleet Surgeon General; now Chief Medical Officer of the Hyperion. Especially sharp with Vulcan medicine, having trained on Vulcan, he is on a par with Leonard McCoy, with whom he has worked. Half Zulu and half Masai, he was raised in Durban. Although he knows the Zulu his father grew up speaking, he is (perhaps paradoxically) more fluent in the Swahili he learned from his mother. In the fall of 2297, he married Captain Upenda Nyota Uhura.

Eletto.JPG (70843 bytes)Lieutenant Giacomo Eletto
Assistant Chief Medical Officer

Human, and physician. Born in 2006, went into the Deep Freeze in 2053, shortly before the outbreak of WWIII, due to sabotage of the Jovian Platform, for which he was the ship’s physician. Thawed by the Enterprise crew, he spent some time on Kahla II, but now returns to work with M’Benga and Harrison Davids in the Sickbay of the Hyperion. At this point, he is 290 years old, chronologically, but physiologically he’s about 40: the "long sleep" did him some good, it seems. Always eager to go on away teams. Knowledgeable in medicine, but also epidemiology and numerous other areas of science. Like Jesse Running Bear, he has a considerable wealth of background knowledge in tracking and strategy that he picked up from his grandfather, Stalking Weasel, better known as Ted King, the man who took out Khan's headquarters at the end of the Eugenics Wars. In the fall of 2297, he married T’Soral, with whom he shares the expected mind meld between Vulcan spouses; the meld is unusually clear and close, for reasons neither individual can clearly explain.

Hardav.jpg (81010 bytes)Lieutenant Commander Harrison Davids
Physician’s Assistant

"Hardav" has served on the Enterprise with Kirk, Uhura, McCoy, M’Benga, Scotty, Indri and all, as well as a lieutenant commander with the Clandestine Operations branch of Starfleet’s Port Authority in San Francisco. A practical joker, and somewhat flip in conversation, but brilliant. He spends most of his free time, at least what isn't absorbed in cooking up his next practical joke, absorbing whatever knowledge that he suspects might be useful. Because of his collaboration with Drevan and T'Soral, there is a shared fund of resourcefulness and experience between the three; on occasion, one or the other will make reference to an event or a maneuver used during their clandestine activities, to communicate something useful. Clandestine nickname was "Weed" due to the unkempt, weedy appearance he sported.

Webb.JPG (78423 bytes)Ensign Marie Webb

Human female, born just outside of St. Louis; she entered nursing after having seen most of her family die in an outbreak of a pseudorabies, caused by an accidental breaching of an old weapons dump left from before WWIII; Marie was one of the few, naturally immune individuals in the area, and was pressed into service trying to stem the epidemic and caring for those afflicted. In the long term, she expects to complete medical training, as did Christine Chapel, and become a physician, but for the time being, she is content to garner such experience as she can working in Sickbay. Worked for a while with McCoy and M'Benga on the Enterprise; also with Harrison Davids, and briefly with Giacomo Eletto after he was rescued from the Deep Sleep chamber. Has returned to join the team on Uhura's Hyperion.

greggs.jpg (27174 bytes)Lieutenant Commander William “Wills” Greggson
Chief Security Officer

Around 5’6” and slight, but wiry and powerful. He’s the chief security officer, and only has a small number of security folk under him. Greggson is in his mid to late 60’s, and plans to retire when the current tour of duty on the Hyperion is over. Had previously been chief security officer on the Alliance, with a large contingent of staff, but is winding down. Besides being experienced, he’s sharp. Has taken Cadet Ingram under his wing, almost as a surrogate son, and is training him to handle being a chief of security.

blakesley.JPG (29910 bytes)Ensign Jeff Blakesley
Relief Helmsman

Works the night shift on the helm. Short, square and solid. Not particularly imaginative, but like an English bulldog, determined and almost inexorable. Dark hair, dark brown eyes. Tends to talk in short, almost bullet sentences, which causes those who don’t know him to think he’s not nearly as bright as he really is.

ingram.jpg (101217 bytes)Cadet Sam Ingram
Relief Weapons Officer

Young, with limited experience but very quick. He’s much more interested in security than weapons, but realizes that he has a lot of experience to garner before he’s ready for such a post. Hangs out a lot with Chief of Security Greggson, just trying to learn as much as he can…

ghassi.jpg (69213 bytes)Lieutenant Commander Louis “Lou” Ghassi
Chief Nutrition Officer

A long-term head of nutrition, Lou had been a professor at Starfleet Academy, nutrition division, for a decade or more before deciding that it was high time that he put some of what he had been teaching into practice. He had intended to return to teaching after one tour of duty—but never did. He was 46 when he boarded the Hyperion.

durok.jpg (144433 bytes)Professor Durok
Civilian Scientist

A Tellarite Ph.D. research botanist, trained on Tellar, but did postgraduate research at ShiKahr, on Vulcan, where he met Subhar. Despite their differences, they are close friends, and frequently work together on projects involving adjusting planetary ecologies. Temporarily assigned to the Hyperion as a civilian researcher to assist with the crisis on Renzal, then on Cruithneacht III, he has remained part of the Hyperion’s civilian staff, caring for the arboretum.

subhar.jpg (120017 bytes)Professor Subhar
Civilian Scientist

A Vulcan interventional ecologist; has a PhD in interventional ecology, in microbiology, and in entomology. While putting himself through his training, he worked in a ceramic manufacturing plant. He is good friends with Durok, and frequently collaborates with the Tellarite  in handling ecological issues. He was brought on board the Hyperion to handle the situation on Renzal, then on Cruithneacht III. He has remained on the ship as a civilian staff, mostly caring for the arboretum

Diskatedor.jpg (92575 bytes)Ensign Diskartedor
Chief Weapons Officer

An Illyrian female, she is the youngest daughter of Sehiume (The Illyrian Princess) and like all Illyrians, a mathematical prodigy; like her mother, she has a more practical turn of mind than most Illyrians, and is as much a prodigy with computers as she is with mathematics. In the fall of 2297, she was promoted to Second Weapons Officer to Chief Helm Officer, replacing Marsden at the helm.

odoul.jpg (59859 bytes)Ensign Deanna O’Doul
Relief Communications Officer

Late 20's to early 30's, and grooming for weapons. A very bright officer who enjoys working the night shift. Sweet on Jesse Running Bear, she is looking to find a way to move from Beta Shift to Alpha Shift to have more time with the engineer.

Ginpili.jpg (90253 bytes)Ensign Ginpili
Second Science Officer

A Tellarite female, which is an oddity off Tellar; she has a strong science background, and trained as a science officer at Starfleet Academy. Apparently the Academy rubbed off some of her cultural rudeness, but she has her moments, and appreciates it when others display the normal Tellarite version of politeness (which boils down to direct insult). She acts like she adores Drevan, but no one is quite sure if it is an act or not. And none of the crew dares to comment on her hair.

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