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Rob Morris

December 11th 2295

Her patience, never noted as infinite, was reaching its upper limits. "Will you please come to bed?"

By her side was definitely where he wanted to be. But some matters just wouldn't wait. "Saavik, I just have to generate five more scenarios. The Beta Quadrant, since it lacks an apparent or evident organizing power, at least at our common borders, is bound to be one big backwater, filled with local bullies like the Directorate."

"While normally I would not hesitate to call that a logical statement, Peter, its ability to provide me with company on these long nights is dubious at best."

Kirk suddenly added two more scenarios to his daily list. It was his goal to come up with twenty each day, until they reached Starbase 211. From there, he would act on his list--and so would his department, whenever complaints of boredom were heard or seen. "Saavik-kam, I am almost done, but this is one of those extra duties I now have. Just as your position as Executive Officer means twice daily meetings with Fleet Captain Chekov."

She wasn't having it. "I have those meetings because the captain enjoys watching me squirm.  He is a sadist in that regard. You, on the other hand, generate these desultory scenarios because you are a masochist, driven by survivor's guilt."

Kirk smiled at her challenge to his stability and sanity. He had learned early on that these tussles were a good deal more playful than they seemed on the surface. "I am a survivor, and that does drive me. But it isn't by way of guilt. I'm done with that. What I do now is to avoid survivor's guilt."

"If you ever wish to see my bed again, you will explain that statement."

Another scenario hit him, and he jotted it down. As he was about to turn and answer Saavik, the last one came. He sighed, and turned away, writing it down quickly. "See, its like this..."

But she had gone inside and closed the door to the lavatory.

At last realizing his position, he went to the door and prepared to grovel. "Saavik, I'm sorry! I...I just don't want to be blindsided. It's just that--it's just that if these horrible events occur in some way, shape or form, I want to be able to say that I did all I could, that as this ship's science officer, I used all I had and did all I could to prevent deaths that were within my power to stop or at least minimize."

After a minute, an answer came. "By my count, you have just under four hundred scenarios available to you. Enough for one a week, for the entire duration of our mission and then some."

He nodded in understanding. "No more scenarios.  Even if we're gone for seventy years, instead of seven."

Another moment of  silence, and then her voice was heard again. "I acknowledge your attempts at foresight, and the desires they reflect. You are, after all, who you are."

The door opened, and Saavik was wearing a secret weapon: her white exercise robe, the one which revealed every inch of her legs.

"Damn!" said Peter Kirk as he kissed her. He took her then, forgeting all the deadly scenarios he'd concocted and the preparations against them. He was who he was, and so was she, and at that moment, they were very, very happy for that fact.

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