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by Randall Landers with Don Harden and Dave Eversole
originally published in Stardate 10, May 1981

"The Next Cage" & "A Matter of Choice" = "The Cage"

"The Day Charlie Became God" = "Charlie X" & "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

"The Women" = "Mudd's Women"

"The Unreal McCoy" = "The Man Trap"

"Charlie's Law" = "Charlie X"

"Portrait In Black and White" = "The Conscience of the King"

"Power Play" & "The Way of the Spores" = "This Side of Paradise"

"The Mirror" = "Mirror, Mirror"

"Court Martial on Star Base 11" = "Court-Martial"

"President Capone" = "A Piece of the Action"

"The Coming" & "Mr. Socrates" = "Bread and Circusses"

"The Paleface" = "The Paradise Syndrome"

"100 A.B. (After Bomb)" = "The Omega Glory"

"The Last Gunfight" = "Spectre of the Gun"

"In Essence, Nothing" = "The Tholian Web"

"The Romulan Incident" = "The Enterprise Incident"

"Joanna" = "The Way to Eden"

"In Thy Image" = "The Motion Picture"

"The Omega Device" & "The Vengeance of Khan" = "The Wrath of Khan"

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