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compiled by Randall Landers
with the help of Simone Delacambre, Nomad, Chris Dickenson, D.G. Littleford, Rob Morris
originally published in Sensor Readings #2, March 1988

updated entries in red

A.D. Event(s) of Historical Significance
1970's Six Voyager probes are launched from Earth, the first two publicly and the last four in secret.
1974 Redjack kills five women in Kiev, U.S.S.R., Terra.
1990's The Eugenics Wars sweep various countries.
1994 A cryonics ship is placed in Earth orbit.
1996 S.S. Botany Bay is launched from Earth.
2020 In August, Nomad, the first space probe designed to seek out new life, new civilizations is launched.
2024 Ireland is reunified. San Francisco dissolves into anarchy because of the Bell Riots.
2033 United States of America establishes its 52nd state.
2036 New United Nations is established.
2037 S.S. Charybdis, NASA's third manned attempt to leave the solar system, disappears without a trace, its telemetry abruptly ceasing.
2043-47 The Mind Control Revolts
2053 World War III: Colonel Green mounts a genocidal war against the Japanese people and against any others he considers genetically impure. His agents sabotage the Jovian Platform, and he is brought down when NASA scientists bring down a small asteroid on his stronghold.
2063 Zefrem Cochrane discovers the space warp. Vulcans make contact with Earth.
2065 Galactic Survey Cruiser Valiant lost with all hands near Delta Vega.
2078 The Atomic Horror. United Nations is dissolved.
2079 United States of America, Canada and Mexico merge to form United States of North America.
2090's The First Kzin War. Earth reunites. The Kzinti are defeated.
2098 Tellarites make contact with Humans and visit Earth.
2103 Mars is colonized.
2105 Redjack kills eight women in the Martian Colony.
2110's The Second Kzin War. Tellarites, Centaurians and Humans unite to defeat them quickly.
2117 Zefram Cochrane disappears without a trace.
2123 European Hegemony is formed--first stirrings of world government. S.S. Mariposa is loaded on November 27th and launched the following week.
2140's The Third Kzin War. Caitians, Vulcans and Andorians join the Tellarite-Terran-Centaurian alliance. The Kzinti are defeated.
2142 Jim Lemoyne and Dean Briggs are born, both in January.
2244 Karyl and Karyn Culp are born. They end up marrying Lemoyne and Briggs.
2150 Australia (Colonel Green's stronghold) joins the world government of Earth.
2155 Samuel Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa. He is Jim Kirk's grandfather.
2156 Redjack kills ten women in Heliopolis, Alpha Eridani II.
2160 The Romulan War. Peace is negotiated by sub-space radio.
2161 The Federation is founded.
2165 Sarek of Vulcan is born in ShiKahr on Vulcan.
2166 U.S.S. Archon is lost with all hands above Beta III. James Lemoyne and Dean Briggs enter the Eletto Institute's graduate program. Within four years, the Lemoyne-Briggs antimatter generator is complete, and long-range, long-term deep space exploration is feasible.
2167 U.S.S. Horizon is lost with all hands near Sigma Iotia II.
2170 Alpha Capis erupts on schedule.
2172 Sarek is bonded to his first bondmate, T'Rea.
2173 Aileen Scott is born on April 29th.
2176 Deneva Convention is held. Klingon Empire and Federation both sign.
2180's The Fourth Kzin War. The Kzinti are forced to sign Treaty of Sirius which prohibits Kzinti ships from being armed.
2190 Robert T. April, first commander of the Enterprise, is born.
2196 The last Daedulus-class cruiser is withdrawn from service. These ships were replaced with the Verne-class cruisers.
2197 Aileen Scott gives birth to Montgomery Scott's father.
2200 Sarek enters his first pon farr. George Samuel Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa. He is Jim Kirk's father.
2205 Jim Kirk's mother, Marjorie, is born.
2206 Federation makes contact with the Orions.
2207 Federation has a major confrontation and conflict with the Orions. Peace is negotiated by the Vulcan Sarek while Captain Soo Chi avoids attacking the woefully inadequate Orion forces. Following the peace treaty, Sarek is rushed back to Vulcan for his second pon farr.
2210 Amanda Grayson is born.
2214 Sarek undergoes his third pon farr.
2216 U.S.S. Valiant is lost above Eminiar VII.
2219 Richard Daystrom is born.
2220 George Kirk enters Starfleet Academy.
2221 Sarek undergoes his fourth pon tarr; Sybok is conceived; T'Rea has her bond to Sarek annulled.
2222 Sybok is born to T'Rea in Gol; Sarek learns of the child's existence. Montgomery Scott is born on November 27th. Christopher Pike is born.
2224 George Kirk leads the opposition to the construction of a separate social hall at Starfleet Academy.
2225 Upon graduation, George Kirk marries his childhood sweetheart, Marjorie.
2226 Leonard H. McCoy is born in Atlanta, Georgia on Terra.
2228 George Samuel Kirk, Jr., is born in Riverside, Iowa on Terra.
2229 Sarek weds Amanda Grayson, a linguistics instructor at the Vulcan Embassy in San Francisco. Sarek soon undergoes his first pon farr with Amanda.
2230 U.S.S. Bonaventure is built; it is the third ship to be equipped with a new type of warp drive.
2231 Amanda is successfully impregnated with Sarek's sperm via artificial insemination.
2232 Spock, son of Sarek and Amanda, is born in ShiKahr on Vulcan.
2233 James Tiberius Kirk is born in Riverside, Iowa on Terra.
2237 S.S. Columbia disappears in the Talos star group region.
2238 Jim Kirk begins his habit of calling his older brother George "Sam."
2239 Spock undergoes the Kahs-wan in the L-Langon Mountains of Vulcan. Following the ritual, he and Amanda visit Roberta Grayson on Earth. T'Rea mind-rapes an adept at Gol, and is forced to commit suicide. Sarek and Amanda take Sybok in as his son.
2240 Ipenda Nyota Uhura is born.
2241 Hikaru Sulu is born. George Samuel Kirk, Jr., begins dating Aurelan. To placate Jimmy, she, too, calls George "Sam."
2242 Kevin Thomas Riley is born on Tarsus IV.
2243 Doctor Richard Daystrom invents Duotronics. Shaun Kelsey is born on Earth.
2244 The Battle of Donatu V; a Federation/Klingon Empire conflict
2245 Pavel Andreivich Chekov is born in Leningrad, Russia on Terra. The U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701, is built.
2246 Governor Kodos of Tarsus IV imposes martial law. Jim Kirk is there with a group of friends who end up executed. Kirk watches in horror as his friend Tommy Leighton is tossed into the disintegrator. Among the rescue forces are Jim Kirk's father George and his brother Sam.
2248 Lenore Karidian is born. George Samuel Kirk, Sr., dies under mysterious circumstances. Montgomery Scott takes a ground assignment at Starfleet Academy to be on Earth near his grandmother, Aileen Scott. He soon is soon made an assistant to Engineering professor Dimetrius Aiglekdos.
2249 Montgomery Scott introduces Saturday Morning Engineering Practicals to Starfleet Academy cadets.
2250 The New Humans movement begins. Jim Kirk, Spock, Gary Mitchell and Lystra Davis enter Starfleet Academy. Sam and Aurelan marry.
2251 Dramia II is stricken with the Auroral Plague while McCoy is visiting as a part of a Red Cross team. Christopher Pike is promoted to Captain of the Enterprise. In August, Samuel "Pop" Kirk dies.
2252 Aurelan becomes pregnant. Kirk's relationship with Janice Lester falls apart, and following her failure to make Command School, Janice herself leaves the Academy in disgrace. Kirk and Spock spend Easter weekend with Majorie Kirk in Iowa.
2253 Following his brief romance with Ruth Bonne, Jim Kirk begins a relationship with Carol Marcus, as orchestrated by Gary Mitchell. Spock visits Vulcan. George S. Kirk III ("Georgie") is born to Sam and Aurelan.
2254 Heather McCoy files for divorce, and Leonard McCoy joins the service. Jim Kirk and his class graduate from Starfleet Academy after the Antares Two Million. Jim Kirk is assigned to the Farragut. Spock is assigned to the Enterprise. David Marcus is born, and he visits the infant briefly.
2255 Captain Pike of the U.S.S. Enterprise is injured on Rigel VII, and several of his senior officers are killed. He is rescued by a landing party led by Spock. Spock is injured, but receives a medal from Starfleet for his actions. A few weeks later, Pike is captured by the Talosians. Lieutenant Kirk surveys the planet Neural. The Treaty of Armens is signed by Federation and Sheliak representatives.
2256 U.S.S. Farragut encounters the Vampire Cloud creature at Tycho IV. Samuel Kirk dies at the ripe old age of 101. Marjorie continues to run the farm.
2257 The Karidian Company begins touring Starfleet installations. Axanar Peace Mission and the Vulcanian Expedition. Sam and Aurelan moves to Deneva. The U.S.S. Pegasus suffers catastrophic damage. Newly commissioned officer Dr. Leonard McCoy tries to pick up the pieces. He meets Lieutenant Jim Kirk who is part of the rescue party from the Farragut. Kirk falls ill, and McCoy manages to heal the young officer.
2258 Phasers are invented by an Andorian scientist. The Hood is attacked and hauled to Xantharus IV by the Orions who thought the plans and proto-type were aboard. It was a Federation ruse. Penda Uhura enters Starfleet Academy. Montgomery Scott's grandmother Aileen Scott dies, and he accepts an Pike's offer of an assignment as chief engineer of the Enterprise following Larry Marvick's transfer to Starfleet Engineering.
2259 Crop failure on Cerberus. Carter Winston uses his personal fortune to save the colonists there, including McCoy's daughter, Joanna. Julie Chastain seeks revenge on the Federation officials and scientists and Starfleet officers responsible the ruse which ended up in the Hood's destruction. Hikaru Sulu enters Starfleet Academy.
2260 Peter Claudius Kirk is born on Deneva. He is the second son of Sam and Aurelan.
2261 The S.S. Beagle is damaged by an asteroid collision near 892-IV.  Spock meets Leila Kalomi.
2262 Pavel Chekov enters Starfleet Academy, and ends up sharing a dorm room with Hikaru Sulu.
2263 The Paul Revere and Ensign Hikaru Sulu make first contact with the Poseidonians.
2264 The Enterprise finds a Vulcan space relic, and it is transfered by Spock and Number One to Vulcan. Commander Kirk is given command of the Shenandoah. He loses several crewmembers to Q'xl% on Kornephorus VI, and on the way back to Earth, he loses his command crew to explosive decompression of the bridge of the small scout ship. He considers marrying Carol Marcus, but after Kirk takes David on a fateful camping trip, she tells him she wants no part of him. An extremely sexual vampire comes aboard the Enterprise, and kills many of Pike's senior officers. Number One dies in defeating the vampire, Akia.
2265 Captain Kirk assumes command of the Enterprise, NCC-1701, takes the ship on a shakedown cruise to the edge of the galaxy. He loses several crewmembers and his best friend, Helmsman Gary Mitchell. Kirk turns to Sulu to take the post. Dr. Mark Piper leaves the Enterprise, and Dr. Leonard McCoy comes aboard as the ship limps back to Earth in September. Sam and Aurelan Kirk have another son, Marcus, on Deneva. Their oldest son, Georgie, begins exhibiting signs of mental illness, and they send him to counseling center on Earth.
2266 Following overseeing a three month repair and refit of the Enterprise, in January, Kirk receives his orders for a five year mission as its captain. Getting ready to relocate, Sam and Aurelan send their infant son Marc to live with friends to live on Earth Colony 2 on Mars. After his departure, Deneva is invaded by the Blastoneurons.
2267 U.S.S. Enterprise encounters the S.S. Botany Bay. Spock undergoes his first pon farr. The Enterprise eradicates the Blastoneurons from Deneva. Peter is sent to Earth to live with his grandmother, Marjorie. Sargon and Thalassa have a sexual encounter while inhabiting the bodies of James T. Kirk and Dr. Anne Mulhall. Dr. Mulhall is impregnated as a result.
2268 Kirk encounters the Vampire Cloud of Tycho IV on Argus X. He meets the trader Captain Kate Logan on Starbase 12 while on an undercover assignment. Kirk is stranded on the Amerind planet for nearly three months. Dr. Mulhall gives birth to a girl.
2269 S.S. Aurora is destroyed. Juliette Tamara (J.T.) Logan is born to Kate Logan (Jim Kirk is the child's father). She is adopted and raised by Logan's friends, Laria and Dartha Allen. At Kate's request, they tell J.T. nothing of her true patronage.
2270 Captain Kirk's first Enterprise mission ends following the defeat of the second Kelvan invasion attempt. Promoted to Admiral, James Kirk becomes Chief of Operations at Starfleet Command; Spock returns to Vulcan; McCoy goes to New Yonada and gets caught up in a revolution there. McCoy is rescued by Kirk, but Natira is killed. A rift develops between McCoy and Kirk. The admiral begins a relationship with Vice Admiral Lori Ciani.
2271 Ciani comes between Jim Kirk and his nephew Peter. Scotty is assigned to take a group of Starfleet brats to Tellar. Kzinti terrorists try to spoil their fun.  When he and the children return, Starfleet Engineering assigns him the project of redesigning and refitting the Enterprise.
2272 Uhura turns to Scotty as she faces a personal crisis on Earth. Majorie Kirk is diagnosed with a malignant disease. Prompt treatment puts it into remission. Peter Kirk and Lori Ciani make ammends. On Alpha Centauri VII, Chekov investigates the disappearance of a young woman.
2273 Enterprise refit is completed in time for the V'ger encounter; Ciani is killed in a transporter accident. Kirk resumes command of the Enterprise; Spock prematurely undergoes his second pon farr. Spock bonds with T'Liba following his coupling with the Romulan Commander.
2274 Revolution occurs in Eta Scorpii system. The colony ship Artemis disappears without a trace.
2275 The Serenidad Tragedy: U.S.S. Enterprise is nearly destroyed by I.K.C. Targa; Kirk's second Enterprise mission ends, and he and Spock take positions at Starfleet Academy. He begins seeing Commander Lori Saunders. The rest of the crew is reassigned throughout the fleet. There is a brief encounter between Marjorie Kirk and Spock's aunt, Roberta Grayson, and their wards, Peter Kirk and Saavik. Peter is unhappy that his uncle doesn't make any time for him.
2276 Commander Scott begins reconstruction of the U.S.S. Enterprise to serve as training vessel for both Starfleet Academy and Starfleet Training Command. Admiral Kirk investigates the destruction of an Orion passenger liner which was fired upon by the starship Nelson. Georgie Kirk is released from the counseling center, but wants nothing to do with his grandmother or brother or uncle. Marc Kirk also refuses any reconciliation with the family he never knew. Peter Kirk is accepted at Starfleet Academy, despite his grandmother's admonishings to wait a year.
2277 An Orion crime syndicate kidnaps a reporter, and Admiral Kirk is assigned to rescue her. Following the death of The Director, his daughter seeks revenge upon the admiral and those close to him, including Peter's extremely popular roommates. Peter Kirk, who was off-planet at the time, becomes the subject of extreme hazing at Starfleet Academy. A fire consumes the Kirk family home in Riverside. Her home destroyed, Majorie Kirk succumbs to death. At Admiral Kirk's request, Peter is taught martial-arts skills by a profession sensei in order to protect himself from any more attempts on his life. The hazing of Peter Kirk leads to a rules change at Starfleet Academy, forbiding extreme forms of hazing.
2278 The Enterprise is commissioned as a cadet ship, and Captain Spock uses it for training cruises.
2279 Captain Uhura of the U.S.S. Sadat brings lasting truce between the Kzinti Patriarchy and the Federation when her ship brings badly needed medical supplies to their plague stricken world.
2280 Admiral Kirk is aboard the Enterprise as the cadet ship investigates a mystery at Outpost 7734. Starfleet decides to reduce cadet combat training for non-Security cadets, a decision opposed by Admiral Kirk and Captain Spock.
2281 Spock undergoes his third pon farr. His bond-mate T'Liba faithfully continues to run his household on Vulcan, but she wishes he could spend more time at home. A Romulan commander-legate defects to the Federation with a proto-type Garuda-class warbird and its newly-devised singularity drive.
2282 Peter Kirk graduates from Starfleet Academy. Admiral Kirk spends the summer with Antonia Arundar. At the end, he leaves her to return to Starfleet. Following their breakup, he reestablishes a relationship with Kate Logan. Meanwhile, Saavik deals with a fellow cadet.
2283 Peter tries again to meet with his brothers, Georgie and Marc, but they still want nothing to do with him. He is assigned to the Prothos Colony. Khan escapes Ceti Alpha; the Genesis device is detonated, Spock dies; Kirk and his senior officers steal the Enterprise; Saavik and David bond while on Genesis. Spock is resurrected; the Whalesong Crisis; Enterprise, NCC-1701-A, is commissioned; Admiral Kirk is demoted to Captain and assumes command of the Enterprise-A as a reward for saving Earth.
2284 Hostage crisis develops on Nimbus III. The Enterprise-A is dispatched to resolve the situation. Sulu receives command of the U.S.S. Cooper, a small scoutship he had served on from 2275 until 2283. Kirk becomes romantically involved with Federation Ambassador Elena Christopher.
2285 The Kelvan War: The Kelvans invade the galaxy en masse, and practically eradicate the Gorn. Starfleet mobilizes to stop them, but it isn't until Captain Kirk takes command of Fleet Operations that the Federation is able to defeat them. Afterwards, Kirk, exhausted by the war effort, returns to as Captain of the Enterprise-A. He and Uhura have a brief relationship.
2286 The Enterprise-A returns to its regular patrol route with Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura and Chekov. Many of the other crewmembers have transferred to other ships. Kirk continues to meet with Kate Logan when he can, and continues his relationship with Uhura when he cannot.
2287 A system-wide failure on a Constellation class starship causes Starfleet to closely reexamine its assembly division. Chekov marries Gretchen Jaeger. Peter Kirk sabotages the Enterprise-A and is imprisoned at the Tantalus V Rehabilitation Colony.
2288 The Enterprise-A encounters the Jovian Platform and its only survivor, Dr. Giacomo Eletto, who, it turns out, is McCoy's great-great-great...great grandfather.
2289 Leonard McCoy marries Princess Teresa. By the end of the year, he has sired a son, Davey McCoy.
2290 After getting command of the Excelsior, Captain Sulu asks Chekov to serve as his executive officer, but the Russian declines his friend's offer.
2291 Peter Kirk is released from prison and temporarily assigned to the Enterprise-A. He is a model officer and a changed man. He is transferred to the U.S.S. Shenandoah as a part of a cadet training exercise. McCoy and Teresa have a second son, Jimmy McCoy.
2292 Shaun Kelsey is promoted to Captain of the U.S.S. Chosin. Captain Kirk is informed that the Enterprise is to be decommissioned following the end of its mission. The Shenandoah is nearly destroyed by a cosmic anomaly, and Peter Kirk earns the Grankite for his distinguished service in helping oversee the cadets in the destroyer's return to port. Peter is subsequently assigned to the Marseilles, a transport-tug.
2293 Peter is given tasks for which he has had no formal training. A corrupt command staff tries to implicate him in their petty crimes, but his testimony to the JAG office is enough to indict them and free the others they attempted to fame. He is reassigned to the Enterprise. Praxis explodes, leading to a crisis and almost a war between the Federation and the Klingon Empire as key military officials on both sides actively strive to create conflict. The Excelsior suffers a casualty while trying to liberate Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy from Rura Penthe. Both men eventually escape and save a peace conference, but retire following their return to Earth. McCoy moves to Serenidad to live with his wife, Princess Teresa.
2294 At year's end, Captain Kirk, ret., appears to have been killed while taking part in a publicity stunt aboard the Enterprise-B. Chekov is given command following Harriman's suicide. Princess Teresa and her children are killed by the Klingons.
2295 Chekov and the crew of the Enterprise-B journey deep within the Beta Quadrant. Meanwhile, Kor, Kang, Koloth and Curzon Dax swear out a blood oath against the Albino. Demora Sulu dies, and Guinan joins Captain Sulu's crew. Peter Kirk joins the Enterprise-B science staff. In September, the Lady Amanda dies; Sarek and Spock are at her side.
2296 Pavel Chekov is promoted to Fleet Captain and given command of the Seventh Fleet. Hikaru Sulu is angered by the news, but is forced to accept Chekov's promotion to his superior officer. Penda Uhura becomes Captain of the U.S.S. Hyperion, which is also a part of the Sixth Fleet. The Sixth Fleet is directed to patrol zones in the Beta Quadrant. The Rutians on that planet's west continent petition for independence, but are denied by the Rutian government. Captains Sulu, Uhura and Chekov make a number of first contacts in the Beta Quadrant. Project: Potemkin begins.
2297 Captain Uhura and the crew of the Hyperion continue to explore the Beta Quadrant. She is charged with and convicted of violating the Prime Directive, but released with a literal slap on her wrists.

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