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Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this website.

Randall Landers
2460 Woodfield Circle
Lexington, Kentucky 40515

If you wish to contact any of the contributors, if they have an email account, you can usually click on their name and send an email directly. However, many contributors do not wish to have their email listed. You can contact them directly by sending your email to Just indicate the contributor's name in the SUBJECT field, and it will be forwarded within 24 hours of receipt, providing we still have their address or email address on file.

Please note: I reply to all email I receive. If you ever fail to receive a reply from me, please contact me at, and let me know that you didn't get a reply, and include your original email. We have increased the level of protection offered by SpamAssassin to prevent the flood of spam we were receiving, and sometimes we don't receive email that we should. But everyone who writes WILL receive a reply.

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