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ORION PRESS is a non-profit fanzine press. Star Trek is a registered trademark, copyright and intellectual property of CBS Studios, Inc. which owns Star Trek. This website is for entertainment and review purposes only. We only borrow it out of our love for it, and all income goes to pay only the printing and postage costs of producing these zines. Anyone who thinks I or any other fanzine editor makes money at this has 1) never met my wife who will tell you otherwise, 2) never done it themselves, otherwise, they'd know better and/or 3) not looked at my bank account since 1979, i.e. No profit is being made either from this website or the distribution of our fanzines.

This is a collection of Classic Star Trek fan fiction. This webite or our fanzines are not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated with CBS Studios, Inc. or the Star Trek franchise. The Star Trek properties are owned by CBS Studios, Inc. This website, its on-line fiction and non-fiction archives and the fanzines (fan-produced publications) were created out of our love for Star Trek in all its forms, and they are not intended to infringe upon any established the established Star Trek copyrights of the estate of Gene Roddenberry, Norway Productions, CBS Studios, Inc., Viacom, Paramount, Desilu, NBC-TV, ABC-TV, Microsoft, Filmation, Simon & Schuster, Gulf+Western, DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Gold Key Comics, Malibu Comics, Harve Bennett, Rick Berman nor those rights of any other holders of Star Trek copyrights nor those of anyone else who has half a mind to sue me. Images from Star Trek are the property of Viacom/Paramount and/or the individual artists. Sounds from Star Trek are the property of Viacom/Paramount and/or the individual artists. All rights to images revert to the original posters and photographers.

Prices listed are subject to change. Prices reflect US Priority Mail only. Be sure and add appropriate postage if ordering from outside the United States. Additional postage information is found at the bottom of each page of the catalog.

Images from this website were generally found on the Internet. Some photographic manipulation of the images has been made. Graphics for this website were created for the most part by Randall Landers using CorelDraw9.0 and Photoshop 5.0.

Any comments, inquiries, submissions, criticisms and orders should be sent to:

Randall Landers
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