Cover Artwork by Joseph MelvinAntares 14

Editor: Randall Landers
Consultants: Jim Ausfahl & Rob Morris
Proofreader: Selek
Cover Artist: Joseph Melvin

Adventures in Iowa
written by D.G. Littleford

Cadets Jim Kirk and Spock spend a memorable time in the Spring of 2252 during their Easter Liberty Weekend with they visit Majorie Kirk’s farmhouse...

Family Comes First
written by Nomad

The Lady Amanda lays dying on Vulcan, her body ravaged by the strain of living so long on the hot, thin-atmosphered planet. But she will not pass until she has said goodbye to her son...

written by Rob Morris

To most in the galaxy, December 1st 2295 (by old Earth reckoning) merely passed as days usually did, and for others, it did not...

By the Back Door
written by Jim Ausfahl

A look at how Montgomery Scott came to be the chief engineer of the fabled starship Enterprise, and at a very special instructor who helped him realize his goals...

Finnegan’s Challenge
written by Diane Doyle

When Starbase 6 plays host to the Enterprise crew on shore leave, Seamus Finnegan has no choice but to lay down the baseball mitt before his former plebe, James T. Kirk...

Greater Love Hath No Man
written by Nomad
a sequel to "The Empath"

Spock and McCoy discuss why the doctor chose to sacrifice himself to the Vians...despite the logic of letting Spock do it...and giving Spock something to think about...

The Beginning
written by Mary Rottler & Lynn Syck
a sequel to "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Doctor Leonard McCoy joins the crew of the Enterprise...

132 pages with a color cover by Joseph Melvin.
8" x 11" size, coil binding.
Price: $13.00, US Priority Mail. $19.00, International Priority Mail.

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