Eridani 1ERIDANI 1

edited by Randall Landers

ERIDANI is a Star Trek: The Next Generation fanzine which tries to capture the very essence of the new television series. There may be occasional violence, adult situations, nudity and rough language, but those instances are noted in the descriptions, and no age statement is required for this publication.

ERIDANI 1 features

"The Silken Tie" -- by Carol C. Smith. One of the better Riker-Troi stories we've received so far. It is set shortly after "Encounter at Farpoint" when Bill and Deanna are trying to adapt to being thrust into each other's company.

"Interview with a Klingon" -- by Robert Jan. Aboard Enterprise, the Klingon bridge officer, Lieutenant Worf, is interviewed, and the interviewer lives (barely) to regret it.

"All Strung Out" -- by Roger Sorensen. A "Get Wesley" story wherein the ingratiating teenager gets his just reward. -- Note: Violence.

"Sting in the Tail" -- by Robert Jan. A concentrated look at Worf, his motivations and character.

"Command Image" -- by Ann Zewen. Not to give the story away, we will not be printing a lot of stories which have the Next Trek characters meet the Star Trek characters. Almost all of the ones we received were so contrived (time warps, alien intervention, the Guardian were among the mediocre ways the crews of the different U.S.S. Enterprises met), but Ann's story rises far above this. I'm positive you will like it.

"Do Androids Dream Electric Nightmares?" -- by Bill Hupe. Data experiences a surrealistic nightmare...

"Legacy" -- by Chris Dickerson. An alien civilization has left behind a unique legacy which ensnares the crew of the Enterprise.

"The Morning After (a.k.a. After the Naked Now)" -- by Jackie Edwards. A Crusher-Picard piece to stimulate your ... thinking. -- Note: Sexual situations.

"Get Wesley!" -- by Bill and Ann Hupe, and Cyrena White. A collection of "Get Wesley" stories wherein Next Gen's resident know-it-all dies in a variety of gruesome ways. Fans really hated this character, especially in the beginning of the series. Not that it ever got much better... -- Note: Violence.

Poetry by Dickenson and Mohr.
Artwork by Baker, Cesari, Jan, Myers, Perry, Summers, and Williams.

94 pages, 8" x 11" size, comb binding.
         $10.75, US Priority Mail.
         $16.75, Elsewhere.

Order from:

Randall Landers
3211 Saddleleaf Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31721

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