Cover Artwork by Dave LandonHyperion 3

Editor: Randall Landers
Consultants: Jim Ausfahl & Rob Morris
Proofreader: Selek
Cover Artist: David Landon

On January 18th 2296, the U.S.S. Hyperion, NCC-10100, was launched with its new captain, a new crew, and a new five year mission. These are some of the stories of Captain Uhura, Science Officer Drevan, Doctor M'Benga, First Officer Ken Reichard, Chief Engineer Indri, Communications Officer T'Soral, Helmsman James Marsden, Physician's Assistant Harrison "Hardav" Davids, Doctor Giacomo Eletto, Weapons Officer Joe Tucker, Nurse Marie Webb and Assistant Chief Engineer Jesse Running Bear.

The Tribunal
written by Jim Ausfahl

Captain Uhura finds herself on trial for violating the Prime Directive on Haitz!

written by Jim Ausfahl

The crew of the Hyperion has a unique first contact with telepathic aliens who mean to test their concepts of thoughts, dreams and ideas in a most unusual battlefield with the most unusual combatants.

To Leap Tall Buildings
written by Jim Ausfahl

The Hyperion has been given the taxing task of transporting a colony from one star system to another. As usual with such orders from Starfleet, there’s a catch...

Rescue Operation
written by Jim Ausfahl

Captain Uhura and her officers must attempt to rescue the survivors of a science research station where dinosaurs reign supreme...

Gone Missing
written by Randall Landers

While exploring an icy world, Hardav and Reichard appear to have ‘gone missing’...

Beside Himself
written by Jim Ausfahl

In attempt to develop a new energy source for the Federation, a researcher has unintentionally created a weird, energy doppleganger of the darker side of his self, and it’s up to Uhura and her crew to defeat the entity before it takes over the Hyperion.

Cover Artwork by David Landon. Interior artwork by David Lawrence and Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

136 pages with a color cover by David Landon.
8" x 11" size, coil binding.

Price: $13.25, U.S. Priority Mail. $19.25, Global Priority Mail shipping anywhere else.

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Randall Landers, 3211 Saddleleaf Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31721

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