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Editor: Randall Landers
Consultants: Jim Ausfahl & Rob Morris
Proofreader: Selek
Cover Artist: Randall Landers

On January 18th 2296, the U.S.S. Hyperion, NCC-10100, was launched with its new captain, a new crew, and a new five year mission. These are some of the stories of Captain Uhura, Science Officer Drevan, Doctor M'Benga, First Officer Ken Reichard, Chief Engineer Indri, Communications Officer T'Soral, Helmsman James Marsden, Physician's Assistant Harrison "Hardav" Davids, Doctor Giacomo Eletto, Weapons Officer Joe Tucker, Nurse Marie Webb and Assistant Chief Engineer Jesse Running Bear.

The Ensign
written by Jim Ausfahl

Even on the Hyperion, the paperwork never ends—but sometimes it presents the occasional surprise, and challenge.

The Ion Storm
written by Jim Ausfahl

The warp shuttle gets separated from the Hyperion and crashes on planet—with Uhura on board; the crew of the Hyperion goes into overdrive to rescue their captain.

written by Jim Ausfahl

The star of the Menno star system is about to nova, and the Hyperion has to help move the colony before the stellar fireworks start, but things are never what they seem.

Prisoner Exchange
written by Randall Landers

Six Klingons have been captured and are being traded for three UFP operatives who are full of surprises.

Family Matters
written by Jim Ausfahl

T’Soral receives an impromptu visit from an admiral and his family—who just happen to be her family.

Unwelcome Communication
written by Jim Ausfahl

The Romulans are massing near the UFP border, and the Hyperion quietly positions itself for easy deployment, just in case it is needed, using shore leave as an excuse

Artwork by Randall Landers.

122 pages with a color cover by Randall Landers.
8" x 11" size, coil binding.

Price: $12.50, U.S. Priority Mail. $18.50
, International Priority Mail.

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