IDY02.jpg (74694 bytes)Idylls 2

edited by Linda McInnis

ORION PRESS' Human-interest/romance/relationship publication includes drama, hurt-comfort, the dalliance, the 'idylls,' if you will, of our favorite characters. Stories in IDYLLS can range from G to R, however, no age statement is required.

IDYLLS 2 features

"Be Careful What You Wish for" -- a quintet of stories written by Linda P. Baker and Ann Zewen, based on one common scenario: the 'shore leave' planet fantasies of Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Uhura and Christine Chapel. -- Nudity, sexual situations.

Artwork by Linda Baker.

70 pages, 8" x 11" size, comb binding.
         $9.50, US Priority Mail.
         $15.50, Elsewhere.

Order from:

Randall Landers
3211 Saddleleaf Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31721

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