IDY03.jpg (100973 bytes)Idylls 3

edited by Ann Zewen

ORION PRESS' Human-interest/romance/relationship publication includes drama, hurt-comfort, the dalliance, the 'idylls,' if you will, of our favorite characters. Stories in IDYLLS can range from G to R, however, no age statement is required.

IDYLLS 3 features

"I Grieve With Thee" -- by Chris Dickenson. Spock and McCoy are back in their own century, and Zarabeth is long dead--but it doesn't seem very long to a grieving Vulcan.

"...and Nola Was the Color of Honey" -- by Kimberly Junius. Beverly Crusher is serving her internship on Ganymede when she meets a colleague who teaches her a lot about life, laughter, friendship...and love.

"The Curtained Sleep" -- by Ann Zewen. Janice Lester is gone. Jim Kirk is back in his own body, and all is right with the Enterprise--except for the nightmares that interrupt Kirk's nights and haunt his days.

"Escape" -- by Cyndi Bayless Overstreet. Tasha Yar knows all about violence, lust and fear. From Data, she wants gentleness and understanding.

"The Human Equation" -- by Audrey Vest. Christine Chapel found the young Romulan in Sickbay deeply disturbing, but she had no idea how much of a disturbance he would bring to her life.

Plus additional fiction by Dickenson, Junius, Zewen and Howald.
Artwork by Baker, Cantrell, Junius, Myers and Summers.

146 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding.
         $13.25, US Priority Mail.
         $19.25, Elsewhere.

Order from:

Randall Landers
3211 Saddleleaf Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31721

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