IDY08.jpg (64556 bytes)Idylls 8

edited by Randy Landers

ORION PRESS' Human-interest/romance/relationship publication includes drama, hurt-comfort, the dalliance, the 'idylls,' if you will, of our favorite characters. Stories in IDYLLS can range from G to R, however, no age statement is required.

IDYLLS 8 features

"A Clean Break" -- by Alison Wilson. Another look at the relationship between Jim Kirk and Carol Marcus, uniquely told in the first person.

"A Logical Thing" -- by Joanne K. Seward. A new approach--a dancer's approach-to the Spock-Christine relationship.

"Crossed Signals" -- by Jill Thomasson. A special relationship has developed for our favorite doctor--if he'll just take the time to enjoy it.

"Liberty" -- by Amanda Cassity. Getting Jim Kirk to take shore leave is one chore Doctor McCoy often finds difficult. But once he convinces Kirk to take a little time off to have some fun, the captain usually obliges, as he does in this wonderful story. But there's something about this woman...

"Aftermath" -- by Joanne K. Seward. The events of "The Naked Time" were embarrassing for almost everybody. But what about Doctor McCoy? Was he realty so immune to the Psi 2000 virus? Or maybe his reaction was just a bit delayed...?

"The Homecoming" -- by Heidi J. Bloebaum. A delightful vignette. Who can resist a look at Spock's childhood?

"Intermezzo" -- by Ann Zewen. A vignette about the Jim Kirk-Carol Marcus relationship at a more mature point in their lives.

"Home" -- by Donna Wright. "The Search for Spock" opened one of the biggest debates in Star Trek fandom: "Did they, or didn't they?" They, of course, are Spock and Saavik. This story assumes they most certainly did and then takes a look at the possible consequences.

Artwork by Baker, Hardeman and Lawrence.

100 pages, 8" x 11" size, comb binding.
         $11.00, US Priority Mail.
         $17.00, Elsewhere.

Order from:

Randall Landers
3211 Saddleleaf Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31721

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