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edited by JoAnn Lassiter

ORION PRESS' fanzine which focuses on Jean-Luc Picard, Captain of the Enterprise. This Human-interest / romance / relationship publication includes drama, hurt-comfort, the dalliance, of our favorite starship captain. Stories in INVOLUTION can range from G to R, however, no age statement is required.

INVOLUTION 4 features

"Memory to Mend," by Anne Davenport, is set after BOBW II and Family. Captain Picard's having a pretty hard time of it as he tries to put himself back together after his rescue from the Borg, and Counselor Troi and Doctor Crusher are right there to ease his efforts.

"The Last Nightmare," written by Darla Redifer, gives us a closer "look at Jean-Luc's and Robert's relationship. While Jean-Luc is still trying to free himself from the Borg, he finds that he must grapple with this stranger he calls a brother.

Mindi French's "Memory Loss" gives us a taste of what might have happened in Conundrum if Picard and Crusher had been "closer."

"Revelations," by Priscilla Ball, a Picard/Crusher adventure that finds the doctor and an injured captain kidnapped by scavengers after a shuttle crash. After they escape their captors, they share a little more than an adventure together.

"Maya's Touch," by Kimberly Blaisdell, wherein Picard and various members of the crew are given a clearer insight into their dreams after experiencing ... Maya's touch. The results are, depending upon those involved, touching, surprising, enlightening, amusing,

"One of Our Own," Mindi French's second story, is set during "The First Duty." Jean-Luc Picard tries to comfort Beverly Crusher...and he succeeds.

"Father of the Man," by Jordan Trevor, has the thirteen-year-old Jean-Luc Picard from "Rascals" trying to cope with a little too much "help" from his friends, especially one Beverly Crusher. And the grown-up Jean-Luc Picard is left with a question only she can answer.

"I Wish For You," by Jo-Ann Lassiter, is a very short look at our captain right after receiving the flute at the end of "Inner Light."

"Twenty-Five Minutes," also an "Inner Light" piece, by D.J. Nicholson, in which Jean-Luc is struggling between two worlds. And trying to decide in which one he belongs.

"Timeless Reunion," by Deb Galeone, a short, sweet, Picard/Crusher piece. Jean-Luc learned a lot from his mindmeld with Sarek-and he decides that Beverly is the one with whom he needs to share what he discovered.

Artwork by Anne Davenport, Jo-Ann Lassiter, and Joey Rodrigues.

144 pages, 8" x 11" size, comb binding.

         $13.25, US Priority Mail.
         $16.25, Elsewhere.

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Randall Landers
3211 Saddleleaf Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31721

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