Involution 12

edited by JoAnn Lassiter

INVOLUTION features stories which are explorations of the character, Captain Jean-Luc Picard. It is no longer enough to just look at the evolution of a character; it is now time to turn delve into the psyche of the crew of the Enterprise. This is the final issue.

INVOLUTION 12 features

When Picard becomes ill during treaty negotiations, he sees his failure to bring the parties to settlement as a personal deficiency in "Coming to Terms," by D. J. Nicholson.

After the events of "All Good Things..." if Jean-Luc remembers his grandfather and Irimadic Syndrome. "Inheritance," by Becky Woods.

"In Unstable Element," by Miranda Greene, Picard goes on trial for his part in the events of Star Trek: First Contact.

Picard wants to get closer; Crusher doesn't. It's up to Picard to erase her "Doubts," by Nan.

Picard and Guinan have a conversation about life ... and love, in "The Roads Not Taken," by Margaret A.  Basta.

When Picard receives word that Crusher has been killed, he determines to carry on his "Duties," by Terry S. Bowers. But when it appears that the doctor may be alive, he works just as hard to bring her back.

Picard, still suffering from the effects of his treatment at the hands of the Cardassians, takes a vacation with Will Riker in "Echoes of Madred," by Lindsey Shelton.

"Aftermath," by Lindsey Shelton, is a bit of poetry about our captain and his demons.

In "Restoration," by Sandra K. Davies, Picard and Riker share a drink and a little talk. Set after "Best of Both Worlds."

In "Learning to Dance," by Robin Lyster, guess who teaches whom to dance?

An intact space ship with beings in stasis is found inside a destroyed Borg ship, and Picard is called upon to investigate. But the thrill of the hunt takes on a different meaning for him once he learns the origin of the ship: Kataan. "The Other Dreamers," by Margaret A. Basta.

It looks like the crew's been exposed to the virus from "The Naked Now" again. Or have they? "The Naked Later," by D.J. Nicholson.

When Picard's and Troi's shuttle goes down and Picard is injured and missing, Troi "talks" to him, using one of her lesser-utilized talents, in "The Rescue," by Lindsey Shelton.

After ''The Best of Both Worlds, Part II," Picard is spending a little time in Labarre. While his visit is pleasant, he is lonely...until Crusher decides to join him. "This Uncertain Hour," by Robin Lyster.

With the events from "All Good Things..." still fresh in his mind, Picard has a talk with Riker about the animosity between Riker and Worf. Using a part of his own past as an example, he reveals a little more about himself than he had planned. "Guilty As Charged," by Anne-Marie Flowers.

Artwork by Janet D'Airo, Renee Levy, and Anne Davenport. Color cover by Janet D'Airo.

278 pages, 8" x 11" size, comb binding.

         $20.50, US Priority Mail.
         $26.50, Elsewhere.

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