the_lions_den.jpg (185957 bytes)The Lion's Den

a Deep Space Nine novella
by D.E. Gentry

A tragic secret from Julian's childhood is revealed and old, painful memories awakened when a childhood friend, now the ruler of her people, chooses DS9 as the site for peace talks between her home world and its warring colony worlds.

Author's notes: This story was originally published by Orion Press. It was written a number of years ago, before much of what we now know about the characters had been revealed. Since nearly every aspect of the story has since been contradicted by show canon, this story must now fall under the Alternate Universe heading. So, if you're willing to overlook that fact, read on and enjoy. If not, well, your time might be better spent elsewhere.

124 pages, 8"x11" size, comb bound
Price: $12.25, US Priority Mail. $18.25, International Priority Mail.

Order from:

Randall Landers, 3211 Saddleleaf Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31721

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