edited by Ann Zewen

NUMBERONE is the ORION PRESS fanzine devoted to William T. Riker. It can be zany, arcane, witty, romantic, dramatic, and plainly oddball. But readers can rest assured that it will never waver in its focus on the executive officer of the starship Enterprise and his fellows...

NUMBERONEI features stories written and illustrated by BEKi:

"THE FIRST OFFICER'S DUTY" -- With Picard in the hands of the Cardassians and the Enterprise under Captain Jellico's command, exactly what was Will Riker doing getting himself relieved of duty?

"AIN'T LIFE A BITCH?" -- Ever wonder what Tom Riker's doing now?

"THE REST OF THE STORY: FRAME OF MIND" -- Yanking out a probe might not be such a good idea, especially if it's attached to your brain.

"AFTERBURN" -- A lot of writers have explored the emotional aftermath of "The Host, It frorr both Will's and Beverly's point of view. But BEKi takes a look at the physical price Riker might have paid for carrying around a Trill symbiont in his body.

"AIN'T LIFE A BITCH? 2" -- Or perhaps ...

"WARD47" -- How do you deal with the knowledge that, for a while at least, you weren't quite sane?

"THE OBLIGATORY BALD JOKE" -- No, it's not what you think. Read for yourself to find out.

"THE HOST: A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE" -- This one speaks for itself.

"INTERMISSION" -- Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

"AIN'T LIFE A BITCH? 3" -- Are you kidding?

"THE MISSINGLINK" -- The Story from Hell. No really, it just felt like it as what started as a short story, like Topsy, just grew ... and grew ... and grew ... Seriously, this novella deals with the problems inherent in First Contact missions -- especially if the aliens mistake you for lab rats. (Both BEKi and Ann would like to point out that are dealing with an alien culture here and are in no way commenting on present-day Human medical research practices.)

Artwork by BEKi.

190 pages, 8" x 11" size, comb binding, color cover.

         $16.00, US Priority Mail.
         $22.00, Elsewhere.

Order from:

Randall Landers
3211 Saddleleaf Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31721

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