edited by Ann Zewen

NUMBERONE is the ORION PRESS fanzine devoted to William T. Riker. It can be zany, arcane, witty, romantic, dramatic, and plainly oddball. But readers can rest assured that it will never waver in its focus on the executive officer of the starship Enterprise and his fellows...

NUMBERONEII features stories written and illustrated by BEKi:

THE ROAD NOT TAKEN -- ln the episode "Parallels," Worf encountered an alternate time line in which Riker is captain of the Enterprise and Picard died with the Borg. Ever wonder how that Riker was affected by the knowledge that, in a different reality, his counterpart had managed to save his captain?

THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE -- Vacation on Risa was never like this.

TRILOGY: This is really three stories in one: vignettes first published in three issues of ERIDANI which address elements of the Riker-Baraash relationship left unresolved in the episode "Future Perfect."


PERCEPTUAL REALITY -- It's not over yet.

THE MARK OF CAIN -- Eight years alone is more than an eternity. In this alternate reality story, Tom Riker makes a pivotal decision that changes the complexion of "Second Chances."

MY CHADICH -- Klingon ritual can be hazardous to your health.

THE CAPTAIN'S SON -- As Revis Riker adjusts to his new life on the Enterprise in the long-awaited sequel to "The Legacy," father and son struggle to find common ground in a personal war that threatens the ship and everyone aboard.

THE LAST GOODBYE -- And now to the real reason this zine was delayed. No? Well, we tried anyway. Call this one a special bonus as thanks for your patience with the delays.

Artwork by BEKi.

178 pages, 8" x 11" size, comb binding, color cover.

         $15.50, US Priority Mail.
         $21.50, Elsewhere.

Order from:

Randall Landers
3211 Saddleleaf Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31721

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