edited by Joan Winston as "Wynn Jones"

NUMBERONE is the ORION PRESS fanzine devoted to William T. Riker. It can be zany, arcane, witty, romantic, dramatic, and plainly oddball. But readers can rest assured that it will never waver in its focus on the executive officer of the starship Enterprise and his fellows...

NUMBERONEV features:

TIME TO BE FREE -- by Denise Tanaka. Ro lands in a Cardassian labor camp and guess who she meets there? Well, she thought it was Will - but it twern't, But she and Tom find they have more in common then expected. Now if they can only escape in one piece...

THE LETTER -- by Andra Marie Mueller. This a shortie that gives us an insight into Will's mother and her marriage to Kyle Riker.

FOREIGN BODIES -- by Gill Marsden. This is a strong "R" rating, so if you don't enjoy your 'hurt/comfort' mixed with a large dose of violence, pass this by. However, if you like superb writing and a wicked way with our Will. .. oh boy, will you like this one, Picture those evil entities, the Ux Malians, who inhabited Troi, Data and O'Brien from that prison planet. Picture the Enterprise if Beverly Crusher's plan to get rid of them didn't work. Picture our Will held prisoner by Troi -- except it's not Troi, but an alien in her body. An alien who doesn't care for our Will. Picture it -- if you can. Note: Violence.

BECAUSE I'M THE CAPTAIN, THAT'S WHY -- by Janet D' Airo. Our fabulous illustrator has blessed us with one of her famous illustrated (and rhymed!) tales. Janet said, "But Joan, it's really about Picard, not Riker."  I said, "I don't give a rat's rear -- I WANT IT!" And I got it, you betcha!

WHERE THERE'S A WILL -- by Diane Bellomo. Really a fragment from Star Trek: First Contact that takes us from Troi's hilarious drunk scene to Will's talk with Cochrane.

KINFOLK -- by Joan Winston. Okay, this is one I've been promising everyone. Riker and the Klingons. Those for and agin' him - and the Federation. There's a lot of violence and good ol' hurt-comfort in this one too. And poor Will is without hardly anything but a sheet to keep him from the cold and the eyes of. .. oh, read it already. Most of you have heard bits and pieces at Shoreleave, so you have an idea of Will's woes. But only some of them ...  Note: Violence.

Artwork by D'Airo, and cartoons by Lash.

172 pages, 8" x 11" size, comb binding.

         $14.50, US Priority Mail.
         $19.50, Elsewhere.

Order from:

Randall Landers
3211 Saddleleaf Avenue
Albany, Georgia 31721

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