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The First Mission 1

These stories feature the Star Trek characters featured in The Original Series and The Animated Series, and all stories are set aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701, during the command of Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Featured characters include Captain Kirk, First Officer Spock; Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy; Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, Lieutenants Sulu, Uhura, Chapel, Arex and M’ress, and Ensign Chekov.

The Red Shirt
written by Ann Zewen

The story of Kirk and a security officer on a planet where something has gone horribly wrong.

The Salos Sell-out
written by Thomas C. Harden

A young Captain James T. Kirk is betrayed by an old mentor.

To Coin a Phrase
written by Randall Landers

Given he’s from the 23rd century, how does McCoy know so much archaic 20th century slang?

The Night Watch
written by d. William Roberts

A new crewmember finds himself tested under battle conditions during his first time on "The Night Watch."

No Beach to Walk on
written by Linda McInnis

Using the time-honored nightmare sequence, the story takes a look at the Enterprise captain’s feverish remarks made during the events of "The Naked Time."

written by Steven K. Dixon

The Orions are up to no good, smuggling a controlled substance from Federation territory into Klingon space.

Blood Is Thicker
written by Chris Dickenson

Captain Kirk beams down to the surface of a planet reportedly inhabited by vampires, and is clearly attacked by something...or someone...startlingly familiar. A post-holocaust horror story told by Scotty is nearly as chilling as what happens to our good captain.

Rites of Passage
written by d. William Roberts

Lieutenant Kelsey finds himself in charge during a crisis situation. Kirk is injured, and the Romulans have established a base in Federation territory!

Music of the Night
written by Ann Zewen

We learn why Uhura wasn’t on duty during "The Doomsday Machine," and how close she came to losing her life in a struggle with a powerful entity.

The Mindsweeper
written by Donna S. Frelick

James T. Kirk resigns after allegations of sexual impropriety. Meanwhile, a merchant ship captain finds a plot against the Federation and turns to one disgraced starship captain for help.

Something to Remind You
written by Deborah A. Bailey

A look at what Uhura must’ve gone through following her re-education.

Friendship’s Song
written by Valerie A. Phillips

As Spock recovers from fal tor pan, Uhura seeks him out to return an old favor. The flashback of the story is set during this time period.

The Wait
written by Chris Dickenson

Uhura and Sulu are trapped in a chamber, awaiting rescue. Sulu finally gets Uhura to discuss what happened to her in the Mirror universe and why she’s been so distant from him since.

Last Picked
written by Cathy German

Doctor McCoy tries his best to keep up with Kirk and Spock during a landing party adventure. I think the late Mister Kelley would’ve really liked this one.

Artwork by Nomad, Don Harden, Bobbie Hawkins, David Lawrence, Jeanne L. Matthews, Julie Nosal, Catherine Schlein and Gennie Summers.

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