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The First Mission 5

These stories feature the Star Trek characters featured in The Original Series and The Animated Series, and all stories are set aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701, during the command of Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Featured characters include Captain Kirk, First Officer Spock; Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy; Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, Lieutenants Sulu, Uhura, Chapel, Arex and M’ress, and Ensign Chekov.

Good Luck Charm
written by Paul Starkey

While treating an ailing ambassador, McCoy is forced to employ an Alcrani good luck charm in his sickbay.

written by Cathy German

A security guard undergoes a conversion during "The Naked Time."

Angel Face
written by Nomad

Ensign Pavel A. Chekov, newly aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, finds himself swept up into a sexual encounter during the insanity caused by the Psi 2000 virus. Note: Sexual situations.

written by Jim Ausfahl

Jim Kirk has his hands full with natives on Dhamar II and the Starfleet official slated to meet with them.

Growing Up Together
written by Rob Morris

Over the years, Denevan survivor Peter Kirk matures as does a member of the Enterprise crew.

Finnegan’s Challenge
written by Diane Doyle

When Starbase 6 plays host to the Enterprise crew on shore leave, Seamus Finnegan has no choice but to lay down the baseball mitt before his former plebe, James T. Kirk...

Letter to an Absent Son
written by Joanne K. Seward

Prior to the events of "Journey to Babel," Amanda writes her son.

Beating the Alternative
written by Rob Morris

The command crew of the Enterprise comes to grips with the aftereffects from the events of "The Deadly Years."

Unexpected Sparks
written by Chris Dickenson

During a Halloween masquerade party, Hikaru Sulu finds himself unexpectedly drawn to a fellow officer!

Dear Mom
written by Cathy German

A young woman writes a letter home, not realizing it’ll be the last one she ever sends.

Only So Much
written by Cathy German

McCoy is disturbed by the fact that Jim Kirk finds it difficult to accept that he’s incapable of controlling bad things that happen to the people in his charge.

Legacy for Tomorrow
written by Ann Zewen

Dr. Anne Mulhall is pregnant, a "gift" from Sargon and Thalassa. Will Mulhall allow the father (a certain starship captain) to share in the birth of their child? Note: Sexual situations and themes.

Another Such Victory
written by Rob Morris

A sequel to "The Ultimate Computer." Commodore Robert Wesley reflects on the events that lead to a major decision for his career.

One of Those Things
written by Angela Solomon

McCoy comes to grip with a tragedy.

Whatever Your Heart Desires
written by Ann Zewen

Following their successful mission to Troyius, Uhura and Chapel beam down for a little shopping before their next assignment. Uhura comes across a rather unique bottle and a rather unique being...

To Explore
written by Rob Morris

A sequel to "And the Children Shall Lead"; Tommy Starnes faces up to the tragedy caused by the Gorgon.

Field of Illusion
written by Sharon Pillsbury

While on shore leave on a rustic planet, James T. Kirk contracts Vegan choriomeningitis, taking him and Spock to death’s very door! Will the Enterprise return from its resupply mission to Starbase 10 in time? An excellent story steeped in the true hurt-comfort tradition!

Greater Love Hath No Man
written by Nomad

Spock and McCoy discuss why the doctor chose to sacrifice himself to the Vians...despite the logic of letting Spock do it...and giving Spock something to think about...

There Would Be Others
written by Cathy German

McCoy has to deal with a severe injury to Spock during a landing party to an arboreal planet.

The Float
written by Cathy German

What went through James T. Kirk’s mind during his time trapped in interphase?

Crowded Theater
written by Rob Morris

James T. Kirk deals with his security department following the events of "Turnabout Intruder."

Turn Back Time
written by Christina Schinella

The Enterprise is dispatched to Alba III--located near the Klingon Neutral Zone--to investigate the loss of a Federation mining colony. Are the Klingons behind this attack?

Artwork by Linda P. Baker, Tim Farley, Don Harden, Bobbie Hawkins, David Lawrence, Christine M. Myers, Julie C. Nosal, Christina Schinella and Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

200 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding.
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