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The Second Mission 1

Beginning with Star Trek: The Motion Picture (a.k.a. Star Trek: In Thy Image), these stories detail the adventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise on its second mission under the command of Captain James T. Kirk until the terrible events of The Serenidad Tragedy three years later.

Upon Golden Tears
written by Pamela J. Corsa

A beautiful and sad story of an encounter between the crew of the Enterprise and a hitherto unknown alien race. Not all such encounters are peaceful. Many are tragic. Some are both. An excellent story!

No Margin for Error
written by Linda McInnis

A stream-of-consciousness piece involving Kirk in a command decision situation. A solid look at the thoughts of Starfleet’s renowned starship captain.

Hover-boards and Photons
written by d. William Roberts

Orion pirates attack the Enterprise, and only Lieutenant Kelsey can figure out a way to save the ship once their targeting sensors are fried!

To Hellguard and Back
written by Linda McInnis

This wonderful Saavik origin story does a terrific job in capturing the youth’s personality in a believable way.

The Sound of Death
written by Randall Landers

A tragic mission is bound to prompt some changes in the automated first contact procedures the Federation employs.

Shades of Gray
written by Chris Dickenson

Serving as a secret agent, Chapel investigates a Romulan plot on a backwater colony world. The problem is that she’s suffering from amnesia, and it’s up to Sulu to go in and get her out of there.

written by Chris Dickenson

Ambassador Sarek is caught up in a Klingon-supported revolution on a Federation world. The Enterprise is sent to rescue him and his staff, but the landing party is marooned as the Enterprise becomes involved with a wolf-pack of Klingon ships. Spock performs a mind-meld, and to his horror, Sarek appears to be insane leaving Spock with a clear duty: tal shaya.

To Weather a Storm
written by Jody P. Crouse

While on an emergency trip to a starbase for repairs, Spock is beamed off the bridge by aliens who want him for his computer expertise. It is one of the weaker stories, and as one of our consultants pointed out, rather pointless, but I chose to include it here as a matter of personal preference.

Just Another Routine Assignment
written by Ann Zewen

While Kirk is doing a cultural survey on Stradith, Klingons invade the peaceful planet.

Only the Sound Remains
written by Linda McInnis

Spock is offered to choose between an existence any Vulcan would dream of with a woman any Human would die for, and his friend, Jim Kirk.

Artwork by Jim Boursaw, Donna C. Clark (Oakes), Nomad, Don Harden, Bonnie Reitz, ERIC (Evalou Richardson), Zaquia Tarhuntassa and Marie Williams.

254 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding.
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