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The Second Mission 4

Beginning with Star Trek: The Motion Picture (a.k.a. Star Trek: In Thy Image), these stories detail the adventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise on its second mission under the command of Captain James T. Kirk until the terrible events of The Serenidad Tragedy three years later.

The Voice of Time
written by Joanne K. Seward

At an archaeological dig, Jim Kirk learns that opening an ancient tomb can be like opening Pandora's Box as a voice from the distant past draws him backward in time. Can he resist?

Shattered Fortress
written by Eileen Curtis

The mind is a fortress, and the Vulcan mind a formidable one. But what happens when that fortress is shattered?

Fire in the Shadows
written by Bonnie Reitz

Kirk must come to work with an ally of the Romulans in order to save the galaxy from a doomsday machine and from yet another war with the Romulans. Taut, well-paced, gripping...

The Cost of Freedom
written by Nomad & Linda McInnis

Their plans to conquer Serenidad to claim its vast treasures of dilithium frequently thwarted, the Klingons have launched a full-scale invasion of the peaceful, little planet. Their primary weapon: a deed to the planet signed by Princess Teresa while under the influence of the mindsifter. Their second weapon: a reprogrammed Prince Carlos. And this time, Leonard McCoy himself is on-hand to witness the atrocities later to be called... "The Serenidad Tragedy." Note: Violence, sexual situations, mind rape.

written by Nomad

The Klingons again driven from Serenidad, Princess Teresa sets out to restore that which was broken: Serenidad itself.

Artwork by Nomad, David Lawrence, Christine M. Myers, Margaret O'Quinn, Bonnie Reitz and Gennie Summers.

280 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding.
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