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The Second Mission 5

Beginning with Star Trek: The Motion Picture (a.k.a. Star Trek: In Thy Image), these stories detail the adventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise on its second mission under the command of Captain James T. Kirk until the terrible events of The Serenidad Tragedy three years later.

Conquering the Cube
written by Sandy Adams

Captain James T. Kirk has defeated all sorts of foes: Klingons, Romulans, Tholians, Orions, Kzinti. He’d never known the taste of defeat. But along comes a rather ancient toy...

The Temple Maiden
written by Ann Zewen

On a diplomatic mission to Deivar Four, Captain Kirk commits a major faux pas and must do the unthinkable to escape with his manhood intact! A silly little romp.

A Stitch in Time
written by Chris Hamann & Mary Cress

During their first shore leave in two months, Captain Kirk and Commander Spock find themselves on Ebulon II in the wrong place at the wrong time doing something one of them definitely regrets. A light-hearted conversation amongst friends.

Just What the Doctor Ordered
written by Autumn Lee

While investigating a mysterious planetoid, the Enterprise command crew encounters a unique bar with even more unique clientele and a comely barkeep whose interest in Doctor McCoy is "just what the doctor ordered."

written by Cathy German

Trapped under a collapsed building, McCoy learns that Spock and he share a certain penchant.

The Tale the Cap Told
written by Cathy German

McCoy seeks to solve the mystery of a family heirloom and unwittingly involves Kirk and Spock in events which could cost them their lives.

Encounter at Deneb
written by Lord Garth

Ever wonder how another captain would've handled things differently? Here's how James T. Kirk handled Q...

Rules of Life
written by Diane Doyle

While on shore leave, Lieutenant Chekov meets a pair of old friends and discovers a secret plot to kill one!

written by Amanda Cassity

Captain Kirk and Doctor McCoy find themselves struggling to bring peace to a war-torn planet. Yet nefarious forces are at work to prevent peace for financial gain. Attacked by those forces and separated, Kirk and McCoy do what they each can to learn the secret of Traxus and the identities of those who prefer war to peace.

Bad Luck Holiday
written by Carol L. Lance

Captain Kirk, Commander Spock and Doctor McCoy truly understand the meaning of "Be careful what you wish for" as they fall victim to the Amusement Park planet's computer's interpretation of their wishes...

Da Woid
written by Cathy German

The Enterprise returns to Sigma Iotia II with an even greater problem to solve. An amusing and chilling sequel to "A Piece of the Action."

Sarek's Flitter
written by Selek

While Sarek is negotiating with the Legarans, the Lady Amanda allows Kirk and Spock to borrow Sarek's flitter.

The Strange Case of Undersecretary Lynch
written by Anna Perotti

The Enterprise crew is asked to help locate a Federation Under-Secretary who has disappeared under mysterious circumstances on the non-aligned world of Lovely II.

Gorgon's Lair
written by Diane Doyle

Lightyears from Earth, some of the staff of a Federation research base experience a bizarre death: they’re literally turning to stone! Is this some new form of radiation, or are there truly Gorgons on the planet! James T. Kirk is determined to find out.

Dream Catcher
written by d. William Roberts

On a newly discovered planet, an Enterprise landing party finds dreaming particularly engaging...and peculiarly deadly. Can Shaun Kelsey and his security team protect them from the ‘dream catcher’?

written by Amanda Cassity

While the Enterprise takes on supplies at a remote neutral planet, Jim Kirk enjoys shore leave with a most unusual companion. Note: Sexual themes.

Artwork by Nomad, Toni Hardeman, Don Harden, Randall Landers, Christine Myers, d. William Roberts and Gennie Summers.

296 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding.
US Priority Mail: $21.00; International Priority Mail: $27.00

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