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The Second Hiatus 1

Following the Serenidad Tragedy, the crew of the Enterprise find themselves in completely new situations. Admiral James Kirk and Captain Spock found themselves serving as instructors and deans at Starfleet Academy (all the while being used in some special assignments for Starfleet), while other members of the crew found themselves serving aboard different starships, some with friends, some with strangers. This hiatus ends with the events in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

written by Nomad

Following the Serenidad Tragedy, James T. Kirk finds himself in hot water with Starfleet Command, in a hospital bed with severe injuries, and in deep trouble as the target of a Klingon assassin.

Southern Comfort
written by Linda McInnis

Following the tragedy at Serenidad, McCoy finds himself turning to an old friend in order to work through some of his emotional baggage. An excellent story! Note: Sexual themes.

Ad Astra Per Aspera
written by Randall Landers, with Linda McInnis

The crew of the Enterprise are being reassigned, and this is Sulu’s story as he becomes the executive officer of a starship unlike any he’s served on before. Note: Sexual situations.

Memorial Day
written by Nomad

Memorial Day has a special meaning for the famed starship commander. This is an extremely well-written vignette. Sometimes the best story can be told with the fewest words.

Escort Service
written by Linda McInnis

This Uhura story has a misleading title. She becomes the executive officer of an escort ship (one that accompanies convoys and the like). Then, horribly, command is thrust upon her, and she must deal with it and its repercussions.

Alis Volat Propriis
written by Linda McInnis

Admiral James T. Kirk deals with a rather precocious student who is either destined for greatness or for obscurity.

The Beggar’s Tooth
written by Randall Landers

As executive officer of the science ship Cooper, Sulu has his hands full with personnel problems, personal problems and Kzinti. Note: Adult themes.

The Lesson
written by Randall Landers

Aboard the Cooper, Sulu and his lover give the Vulcan Xon a lesson he'll never forget. Note: Sexually explicit content and artwork.

False Colors
written by Ann Zewen

Nogura sends Starfleet Academy Instructor James T. Kirk him to investigate the destruction of an Orion starliner by the Federation starship Nelson. Kirk’s investigation and the problems it generates are compounded by the presence of Caryn Hollis, a particularly nosy news reporter.

Parts Is Parts
written by Randall Landers and Linda McInnis

In this comedic romp, we learn what Scotty is up to with the wrecked Enterprise. Note: Sexual situations.

Artwork by Linda Baker, Nomad, Toni Hardeman, Randall Landers, Christine M. Myers, and Gennie Summers.

301 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding.
US Priority Mail: $21.25; International Priority Mail: $27.25

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Randall Landers, 3211 Saddleleaf Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31721

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