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The Third Mission2

These stories are set following Star Trek: The Final Frontier and through Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country. Captain James T. Kirk is in now command of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-A. For one last time, he and his crew are again bravely going where no man has gone before. Joining Captain Kirk are Captain Spock, Doctor McCoy, Captain Scott, Commanders Chekov and Uhura, Lieutenant Reichard, Lieutenant Indri, Lieutenant Peter Kirk, Doctor Giacomo Eletto, Nurse Marie Webb and prankster Physician’s Assistant, Harrison "Hardav" Davids.

"Going Ashore"
written Nomad

Following the Kelvan War, the Enterprise stops at Omicron Delta V, giving Captain Kirk some quality time with one of the most important people in his life.

written by Joanne K. Seward

Kirk stumbles upon a love nest in the observation lounge, leading to his own tryst there...

"An Evening With..."
written by Rowena G. Warner

Kirk and Spock appear on a holovid talkshow!

"The Pet"
written by Jim Ausfahl

The Federation’s negotiations with the alien Vharang are approaching a critical point. The final step cannot move forward without Bharii Shandar’s exotic companion being found in a search that makes finding a needle in a haystack look like a pushover...

"The Pearl"
written by Jim Ausfahl

Scotty’s "death" baffles the crew until they begin to solve the mystery; meanwhile, our favorite chief engineer finds himself dealing with a unique lifeform in a unique biome.

"The Haunting"
written by Mary R. Schuttler

A chilling Halloween story has Kirk haunted by the death of one of his crew.

The Plumber's Helper
written by Jim Ausfahl

En route to a plague planet, the crew of the Enterprise discover a lost NASA space station with a survivor aboard. And while adjusting to 23rd century life, the survivor turns out to be the key to the very medical mystery surrounding their mission!

"The Hitchhiker"
written by Jim Ausfahl

Captain Kirk and his crew take aboard a hitchhiker, unaware of that his true nature could cost the crew their lives.

written by Jim Ausfahl

A Federation colony is stricken by a mysterious illness that was launched millennia ago by an ancient race seeking revenge on another race which has long since perished... Can Doctor McCoy and the medical staff of the U.S.S. Enterprise save the colony?

"The Choice"
written by Jim Ausfahl

While the Enterprise command crew are on a diplomatic mission to Walven IV, a talented musician disappears, and Spock is the prime suspect!

"Let Them Die"
written by Sean Corbett

Kirk and McCoy have a conversation during their shuttle ride to the Enterprise following Admiral Smillie’s briefing.

Artwork by Nomad, Toni Hardeman, Vel Jaeger, Randall Landers, Christine Myers, Bonnie Reitz, Gennie Summers, Zaquia Tarhuntassa and Mel. White.

264 pages, 8" x 11" size, coil binding. Cover by Julie Nosal.
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