Cover Artwork by Zaquia TarhuntassaOrion Archives: 2293-2294
The Final Hiatus 1

These stories are set following Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country and through the beginning of Star Trek: Generations. Captain James T. Kirk has retired and left Starfleet. Captain Spock is now serving with the diplomatic corps. Captain Scott is approaching retirement and is working in the Starfleet Corps of Engineers on refinements to Exceslior-class starship warp drives. Doctor Leonard H. McCoy has retired to Serenidad to practce some ol' country medicine. Meanwhile, Commander Penda Nyota Uhura has returned to Starfleet Academy as an instructor. Commander Pavel Andreivich Chekov is serving with Starfleet Public Relations. Captain Hikaru Sulu continues to serve as master of the Excelsior, and Commander Janice Rand is serving as his executive officer. And yet while their interests and careers have diverged, they still remain a family.

Waiting on Serenidad
written by Rob Morris

The year is 2293. The place: Serenidad, the planet with the single greatest dilithium reserves in the Federation. It has repelled Klingon invaders time and time again, earning its reigning monarch, Princess Teresa de la Vega Morales Ruiz-Mendoza McCoy, the admiration of her planet’s millions of inhabitants. It is to this beautiful planet, settled by Spanish settlers from early in the 22nd century, that Peter Kirk has decided to go. Unfortunately, while there, the events which become Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country transpire, and the troubled nephew of Captain Kirk, the young wife of Doctor Leonard McCoy, her half-Klingon son, and a security officer booted out of the Academy by James T. Kirk himself, find themselves spiraling toward what seems to be an inevitable disaster. Note: Sexual situations.

The Unforgiving Moment
written by Rob Morris

Doctor McCoy must come to grips with what has happened on Serenidad, and with Teresa and Peter Kirk.

The Good Fight
written by Rob Morris

The marriage of his friends brings some introspection to Peter Kirk on his forthcoming marriage to Calita Iberez.

A Change of Heart
written by Jim Ausfahl

Montgomery Scott has his lack of faith challenged by a book left to him by his deceased grandmother...

written by Rob Morris

Demora Sulu recounts how Lieutenant Peter Kirk instructed a fateful class at Starfleet Academy.

Children of Haole
written by Donna S. Frelick

A sequel to The Mindsweeper. James T. Kirk, Spock and McCoy seek to find Kate Logan who’s been kidnapped and held by Orion slavers on an alien world.

Artwork by Nomad, Randall Landers, Julie Nosal and Zaquia Tarhuntassa.

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