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The Adventures Continue

These are stories set after the events of Star Trek: Generations, and involve the various characters of Star Trek: The Original Series in various exciting adventures, continuing on their career paths without the wisdom, the humor, the humanity of their now deceased friend and commander. It is not an easy path, and some setbacks are assured, but these are the continuing voyages of our friends...

Blood Oath
written by Nomad

Kor, Koloth, Kang and Curzon take an oath of blood on an icy world...

Family Comes First
written by Nomad

The Lady Amanda lays dying on Vulcan, her body ravaged by the strain of living so long on the hot, thin-atmosphered planet. But she will not pass until she has said goodbye to her son...

A Difference Which Makes No Difference
written by Nomad

Plagued by visions of Teresa dying over and over, McCoy risks his very life to travel to Qo’noS to put a stop to them. Can Ambassador Spock, Captain Sulu and the U.S.S. Excelsior and McCoy’s step-son Miguel stop the doctor from this path of self-destruction? The final chapter of the Serenidad Saga.

written by Rob Morris

To most in the galaxy, December 1st 2295 (by old Earth reckoning) merely passed as days usually did, and for others, it did not...

Teri and the Boys
written by Rob Morris

Doctor McCoy and his new bride attend Princess Teresa and her sons’ memorial service.

I Never Said Goodbye
written by Nomad

Spock returns to Vulcan after Sarek’s death.

written by Ann Zewen, with Rob Morris

Leonard McCoy learns of Scotty’s rescue and reflects over the engineer’s funeral...

written by Donna S. Frelick

While starting out in the Nexus, Kirk recalls a certain summer spent with a certain someone who we’d never met before Star Trek: Generations.

The Way Back
written by Rob Morris

Captain Sulu tries to convince Commander Chakotay to abandon the Maquis. B’Elanna meets one of her idols as well!

The Viewing
written by Rob Morris

McCoy gets the chance to say goodbye to his old friend, James T. Kirk.

Dead to Me
written by Rob Morris

Montgomery Scott comes to grips with the hatred of the Prestons who still hold him to blame for young Peter Preston’s death.

Until the End of Time
written by Nicole Comtet

Facing an incurable disease, Starfleet Admiral Leonard H. McCoy, M.D., ret., turns to his oldest remaining friend.

Artwork by Nomad, David Lawrence, Christine Myers, Gennie Summers

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