a Star Trek novella
by Holly Trueblood

Spock: His cool, logical demeanor the result of the strength of his Vulcan character subduing the other side of his nature; the Human side. But what if circumstances conspired to make him choose to live out the other half of his nature? Has he made the right choice? How can he know for sure? How can any of us know for sure that the decisions we make are the right ones? After all, we are, all of us ... Only Human.

He stared at his hand as the blood ran across his palm and down toward his sleeve. Squeamish at the sight of blood? No, never before at the sight of his own or anyone else's, except in the respect that spilled blood indicated pain or loss of life. But his own blood had never been red before! He understood in the abstract what McCoy had done. Could see it in his complexion in the mirror. But the reality of it had never been brought home quite so graphically before. He was Human. Not just his clothes, not just his cover identity, not just his rounded ears, or the facial expressions he was working consciously to mimic. But in this visceral and most basic of ways. His blood. His heart began hammering in his side at the thought. The beating against his lower ribs reminded him that the transformation was not complete. Parts of him were still where they belonged. The thought began to quiet him. His heart had not migrated up behind his breastbone. It was still a Vulcan heart. but the blood that even now pulsed through it-was RED!

176 pages with a color cover by Christine Myers
8" x 11" size, coil binding.
Price: $15.25, US Priority Mail. $21.25, International Priority Mail.

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Randall Landers, 3211 Saddleleaf Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31721

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