a Star Trek: Voyager fanzine
an archive of Janeway/Chakotay fan fiction
written by Ghostwriter, additional fiction by Andra Marie Mueller
This collection features material previously posted on the Internet.
Please note that this fanzine contains stories with sexual themes and situations.


"A Time for Us" -- Kathryn Janeway explores life and love.

"Silent Night" -- It's Christmas on board the Voyager, and Chakotay takes a few minutes to watch and reflect upon the woman he loves so much.

"'Tis the Season" -- A beautiful sequel to "Silent Night" by Andra Marie Mueller. The magic of the moment continues...

"Silent Passion" -- Moments of silence can sometimes express more meaning than words.

"The Edge of Darkness" -- Set on New Earth. Janeway struggles to find a cure for the disease that threatens Chakotay's life.

"The Revolt" -- Ghostie's version of what could have happened in the episode, "Night." A different kind of mutiny...

"My Padd or Yours" -- The captain's attempt to boost morale has some interesting results.

"The Valentine Faux Pas" -- A little trouble stirred up on Valentine's Day...courtesy of Tom Paris, of course.

"Assimilated" -- The Powers That Be, fan fiction, the Borg, and everything else in between. This is almost a parody...and definitely a pot shot aimed at those in charge of Voyager.

"Crying Alone" -- Janeway and tears...a lonely captain's inner struggles.

"Visions de Vous" -- Tom Paris has thirty days to ponder what he thought he saw in Captain Janeway's eyes that faithful day.

"A Little Turbolift Vignette" -- Janeway and Chakotay are stuck in the turbolift on Valentine's Day. Very romantic... There's only one problem: Janeway is not very happy with her first officer!

"With Me Tonight" -- My own version of the commlink story, but this one is not all dialogue.

"Captive Audience" -- A jammed hatchway forces Tom and B'Elanna to overhear an intimate moment between their commanding officers.

"Encore Performance" -- a sequel to "Captive Audience." Janeway and Chakotay return to the scene of their intimate encounter only to hear another taking place.

"The Art Lesson" -- Janeway and Chakotay indulge in an art lession that neither will forget!

"Theories" -- Janeway and Chakotay decide to test a few theories in mating behavior.


124 pages, digest-sized, comb bound with a color cover by Bev Chick.
8" x 11" size, coil binding.
Price: $9.50, US Priority Mail. $15.50, International Priority Mail.

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