Realms_of_Deception.jpg (64797 bytes)REALMS OF DECEPTION
a Star Trek: The Next Generation novella
by Karen White

From the Author...

Set near the end of the fifth season of Star Trek: The Next Generarion, this novella is my attempt to make up for Doctor Beverly Crusher's virtual lack of development. And though I do not claim to understand all the technical points of the Star Trek universe, I hope this offering pleased Next Gen fans, especially those loyal followers of the good doctor. This work "boldly goes" where none of the writers wished to go throughout the many seasons of TNG. It delves into the many blurry areas of Beverly's personal life, such as her childhood, her marriage to and inevitable loss of Jack Crusher...ever her continually enigmatic relationship with Captain Picard.

246 pages
Cover by Karen White

8" x 11" size, comb binding.
Price: $18.25, US Priority Mail. $24.25, International Priority Mail.

Order from:

Randall Landers, 3211 Saddleleaf Avenue, Albany, Georgia 31721

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