thunderswrath.jpg (148736 bytes)Thunder's Wrath

a Star Trek: The Next Generation script
written by J. Richard Laredo


The absolute ruler of Andoria, Aalith v'shaHoor, Lieutenant Commander of Starfleet, inactive status, has many titles: the 'Wrecker of Worlds,' the "Flame of Forever," the "Pillar of Wonder: the 'Mad God,' the 'Death That Walks.' Since Aalith's rise to power decades before, the planet of Andoria has become a mystery, completely insulating itself from the Federation and any other political influences. This has abruptly changed with Aalith 's request to have the Enterprise transport his wife's body for deep space interment near the only white hole in the known galaxy. This white hole, called the Orion Event, is the shattered remnant of the Rigellian star system and the tombstone of the pirates of Orion. The Federation, eager to resume diplomatic and cultural ties with Andoria, has granted the request.

Aalith is welcomed aboard the Enterprise with suitable pomp, but the welcome is marred by three notable events: Aalith's appearance is drastically changed from the last known record of him, with the horrible scars on his face now gone; he commands his retinue to leave the ship; Troi is absolutely and for no apparent reason terrified of Aalith and is unable to face him.

During the journey to the Orion Event more is slowly discovered about Aalith. He seems to be much older than an Andorian could be and his very presence interferes with an experiment that Wesley Crusher had left behind, but disappears from the sensors on further investigation. Also, Worf seems to recognize him from Klingon mythology.

Once at the Orion Event they are confronted by a fleet of Orion ships bearing a vast assortment of bought or stolen weaponry: Tholian force fields, Romulan cloaking devices, the anti-proton cannon from the Doomsday Machine, etc. These last of the Orion Pirates surround the Enterprise to destroy Aalith because they blame him for the Orion Event. Picard discovers he has only one chance: based upon what they have learned of Aalith and Andorian mythology he must use a ceremony to invoke the power of the "Wrecker of Worlds.' This ceremony might rouse Aalith from his self-induced coma long enough to deal with the Orions. The mythology also said that the Wrecker would kill any not worthy. Picard successfully rouses Aalith from his coma, but finds out that the Wrecker of Worlds is not a myth.

Fortunately, Picard is found worthy and the Wrecker drives away the Orion fleet. Aalith is also recognized by the Orions as one of their deities, and he commands them to end their vendetta against him and get on with their future as a society.

96 pages
8" x 11" size, comb binding.
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