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An Interview with Robert Bloch and David Gerrold
conducted by Don Harden, with Tim Farley
    originally published in Stardate 18, March 1983 & Sensor Readings 1, April 1984
    interview conducted on February 12 and 13, 1983

An Interview with David Gerrold
    conducted by Tim Farley and Randall Landers
    originally published in Orion 24, March 1987
    interview conducted on September 19, 1985

A Montage of Memories with John Schoengarth 
    an interview with the son of one of Star Trek's film editors
    conducted by Dave Tilotta
    interview conducted
from November 2007 to January 2008

TrekCore's Interview with Randy Landers
    conducted by Joseph Melvin
    originally posted on the TrekCore Website, Spring 2006
    interview conducted in Spring 2006

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