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a On-Line Guide to the Orion Universe

updated June 27th 2010

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APPENDIX A (Starships) - a guide to the spacecraft, starships and space stations of Federation, Klingon, Tholian, Romulan and Orion races, as well as others

APPENDIX C (Uniforms) - a guide to the uniforms, ranks, insignia and equipment of Starfleet, Klingon, Romulan and other space fleets

APPENDIX E (Crew Lists) - a guide to the crews of starships and personnel of Starfleet

Note: This material has not yet been finalized. If you find an error, please send us the correct information at randy@orionpressfanzines.com. Please note: some entries will conflict with other on-line sources as this material is primarily based on Star Trek (The Original Series, The Animated Series, The Classic Trek Films) and our fanzines. When conflicts arose between Trek genres, the material from the Original Series and our fanzines was given precedent over other material.


When this lexicon was first published in 1994, I fully intended to keep it up to date, and simply fell behind in that task simply because we were up to our ears in publishing Modern Trek fanzines. At the conclusion of Star Trek: Voyager, I ceased our operations for Modern Trek zines, and rededicated my efforts to maintaining Classic Trek zines. It’s been far more rewarding than you ever would realize as we’ve continued to explore our favorite series.

Putting together a lexicon like this requires a lot of work. Almost 50% of this lexicon’s entries (273 pages) were first written in 1987 and reflect the fact that Modern Trek had not come into being at that time. Of the remaining material, 30% came from the material published by Orion Press from 1979 until 1994. Another 18% has come from the material published over the last eleven years. The remaining 2% comes from tertiary sources of some legitimacy, such as the Starfleet Technical Manual, the Starfleet Medical Reference Manual, Star Trek Maps The Making of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and even the Star Trek Cooking Manual. For the most part, there are only Classic Trek references in this lexicon. However, you may note a few Modern Trek references as well. This is simply because these references might be crucial to someone writing a Classic Trek story.

Now, that we've updated the lexicon, we found we need to make a few changes as well. We’ve listed the actual source for the entries, and we’ve verified each and every one of them with our material. You might be astonished to learn that many of the entries from the original series are no longer in the current edition of the Star Trek Encyclopedia. This is because the current edition concentrates on Modern Trek. But finding that folks like Admiral Fitzpatrick are no longer in the Encyclopedia was quite a shock to me. If I’ve made any oversights like that, please let me know immediately, and I’ll take care of the matter.

Star Nomenclature:

In almost every case, I’ve tried to make the nomenclature of various stars consistent within this reference. However, the fact remains that Starfleet varies how it describes stars and planets. One can assume that some means of identifying stars are used, and later replaced, perhaps at the recommendation of the Federation Astronomical Council.

Generally, in the series timeline, stars were identified by their Bayer Letter and the name of the constellation, e.g. Alpha Taurus. The name of this star in this lexicon would be Alpha Tauri, which is what it is known by what is considered to be proper usage in the 21st century. It should be noted that it’s also what it would’ve been called in the TNG timeframe. But, this star is best known as Aldebaran, and that’s where you will find it listed. However, we've put a reference in Alpha Tauri to refer you to Aldebaran.

In addition to this, there are some exceptions, such as Ceti Alpha. There’s no doubt in my mind that this is, in fact, Alpha Ceti, and you will find the listings for it and its planets there. And some planets and stars are simply identified by their constellation, e.g. Ophiuchus III. Some liberties were taken with those, and in some cases, we assigned a Flamsteed number. Info on Ophiuchus III can be under 36 Ophiuchi III. There are referral entries under each of these ambiguously named stars and planets so that if you look up "Taurus II" you’ll be referred to "T Tauri II."

Lastly, the source of some of the entries were taken from the original Star Trek Maps published in the 70's. These include the home stars for planets like Tiburon (Omega Fornacis III) and Gideon (Delta Dorado VII). The recently published Star Charts was not consulted as much of it is based on Modern Trek, and therefore not really usable for writing Classic Trek material. Other sources include Eileen Palestine’s Starfleet Medical Reference Manual and Franz Joseph’s Starfleet Technical Manual. However, most of the material herein was derived from the original series and our fan fiction.


Each reference is accompanied by a source. The following codes indicate the source from which the material was obtained.

OAA 2229-2265 The Beginnings

These stories either feature the Star Trek characters featured in Star Trek: The Cage (such as Captain Christopher Pike, Number One, Lieutenant Spock and Doctor Phillip Boyce) as well as stories about the characters from Star Trek: The Original Series (including Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Sulu and the others) but set before their tour of duty on the Enterprise.

OAB 2266-2270 The First Mission

These stories feature the Star Trek characters featured in Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: The Animated Series, and all stories are set aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701, during the command of Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Featured characters include Captain Kirk, First Officer Spock; Doctor Leonard "Bones" McCoy; Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott, Lieutenants Sulu, Uhura, Chapel, Arex and M'ress, and Ensign Chekov.

OAC 2270-2272 The First Hiatus

Set following the end of Captain Kirk's first mission as Commanding Officer of the Enterprise, these stories are about the activities of the captain and crew from the time the Enterprise returned to Earth to the time just prior to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

OAD 2273-2275 The Second Mission

Beginning with Star Trek: The Motion Picture (a.k.a. Star Trek: In Thy Image), these stories detail the adventures of the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise on its second mission under the command of Captain James T. Kirk until the terrible events of The Serenidad Tragedy.

OAE 2275-2283 The Second Hiatus

Following the Serenidad Tragedy, the crew of the Enterprise found themselves in completely new situations. Admiral James Kirk and Captain Spock found themselves serving as instructors and deans at Starfleet Academy (all the while being used in some special assignments for Starfleet), while other members of the crew found themselves serving aboard different starships, some with friends, some with strangers. This hiatus ends just prior to the events in Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.

OAF 2283-2284 Interludes

These stories are set between the events of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek: The Final Frontier. The primary crewmembers from the first and second missions under Kirk's command are reunited for a series of adventures which end with Sulu's departure for his first command: the U.S.S. Cooper, a science ship.

OAG 2285-2293 The Third Mission

These stories are set following Star Trek: The Final Frontier and just before Star Trek: Generations. Kirk is in command of U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-A. For one last time, he and his crew are bravely going where no man has gone before. It also includes stories of Captain Sulu as his tenure as Commanding Officer of the Cooper blossoms into a transfer to the U.S.S. Excelsior, where he assumes command of the troubled starship.

OAH 2293-2294 The Final Hiatus

These stories are set following the events of Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country and prior to the first act of Star Trek: Generations. Captain Kirk has returned to the Academy as an instructor. So has Commander Uhura. Scotty is approaching retirement, and Doctor McCoy is working at Starfleet's Sector One General Hospital. Spock has decided to embark in a new direction, a new career as an ambassador for the Federation.

OAI 2294-2400 The Adventures Continue

These are stories set after the events of Star Trek: Generations, and involve the various characters of Star Trek: The Original Series in various exciting adventures, continuing on their career paths without the wisdom, the humor, the humanity of their now deceased friend and commander. It is not an easy path, and some setbacks are assured, but these are the continuing voyages of our friends...

OAJ 2285-2323 Captain Sulu

These stories detail the adventures of Captain Hikaru Sulu and his two commands: the U.S.S. Cooper and its crew, and the U.S.S. Excelsior and its crew, including the events from Star Trek: Generations and the Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Flashback."

OAK 2296-2323 Hyperion

In 2295, deep in the Beta Quadrant, in star cluster NGC-2548, the crew of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, discovered the lost ship U.S.S. Hyperion, a Federation prototype missing for nearly twenty years. Captain Chekov dispatched his executive officer, Commander Uhura, with orders to get the derelict operational and returned to Earth. Once back at Earth, the Hyperion was readied for reassignment. On January 18th 2296, the U.S.S. Hyperion, NCC-10100, was launched with its new captain, a new crew, and a new five year mission. These are some of their stories...

OAL 2294-2323 Chekov's Enterprise

These stories feature the Star Trek characters from The Original Series and The Animated Series, and all stories are set aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-B, during the command of Captain Pavel Andreievich Chekov who was given command following the events of the first act of Star Trek: Generations. Look for some of your favorite regulars to make appearances including Ambassador Spock; Surgeon General Leonard "Bones" McCoy; Captain Sulu, Commander Uhura, Doctor Chapel, Lieutenant Peter Kirk and Commander Saavik.

OAM 2292-2323 U.S.S. Chosin

These stories feature original Star Trek-inspired characters created by d. William Roberts. All stories are set aboard the U.S.S. Chosin, NCC-2950, during the command of Captain Shaun Kelsey. Look for some of your favorite regulars including Captain Chekov and Captain Sulu to make an appearance now and then, but for the most part, the stories herein center on the Chosin and its crew.

OAN 2295-2323 The Sixth Fleet

These stories feature the Star Trek characters from The Original Series and The Animated Series, and all stories are set aboard the Sixth Fleet, which consists of the U.S.S. Enterprise, NCC-1701-B; U.S.S. Excelsior, NCC-2000; U.S.S. Hyperion, NCC-10100; and others. The Sixth Fleet's mission is to explore the Beta Quadrant, to seek out new life, new civilizations, to go boldly where no Human has gone before!

OAO 2275-2283 U.S.S. Reliant

These stories feature the crew of the U.S.S. Reliant, NCC-1846, during the command of Captain Clarek Terrell. Featured in these stories are Executive Officer Pavel Andreievich Chekov, Chief Science Officer James Beach, Chief Security Officer Steven Kelowitz, Chief Communications Officer Jonathan Kyle, Chief Medical Officer Cynda Callison, Chief Navigation Officer Arex and Assistant Security Chief Thela Kazanga. Look for some of your favorite regulars to make appearances from time to time as well.

Other Codes:

TOSn   The Original Series (n represents which season: 1, 2 or 3)
TASn   The Animated Series (n represents which season: 1 or 2)
TMP    The Motion Picture
TWoK  The Wrath of Khan
TSfS    The Search for Spock
TVH     The Voyage Home
TFF     The Final Frontier
TUC     The Undiscovered Country
G        Generations
FC       First Contact
I          Insurrection
N         Nemesis
XI        Star Trek XI (the reboot)
TNGn   The Next Generation  (n represents which season: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7)
DSNn   Deep Space Nine (n represents which season: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7)
VOYn   Voyager (n represents which season: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7)
ENTn    Enterprise (n represents which season: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7)

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