Burning Dreams

Margaret Wander Bonanno

reviewed by Randy Landers

It’s not often that I will concede that a pro-novel is as good as a fan-fic novel. Not very often at all. And yet, with her latest book, Margaret Wander Bonanno manages to cement her place in my heart as one of the best Star Trek novelists, fan or pro, ever.

The subject: Christopher Pike. The captain who does not inspire me in any way. The captain before THE captain. And yet Bonanno does an exquisite job setting up Chris Pike’s background, his relationships with the people whose fates affect his life in so, so many ways. We learn of Pike’s history as a child, as a teen, as a captain and as a hero. We learn of the tragedies that befall his loved ones, and we learn of his fate on Talos IV. And we learn of Vina, who provides the impetus for Pike’s recollections, their life and their love.

It’s a captivating novel, one that engages the reader from the beginning to the end, and it’s probably one of the finest Star Trek novels ever published by Pocketbooks. Do not miss this one, folks.

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