Vulcan’s Soul, Book III

Josepha Sherman & Susan Schwartz

reviewed by Randy Landers


Picking up where the second book left off, the Watarii make a diplomatic overture for the return of the Romulan artifact they stole from a Romulan colony world. Meanwhile, the Romulan Praetor is demanding help from the Federation to stop the deadly predations of the Watarii, and Romulan Commander Tomalek confronts the Enterprise and the Alliance in a personal grab for glory. It's up to Jean-Luc Picard and Spock to save the day with a Solomon-esque solution which is not only too predictable, it's too unlikely that any party would agree to it.

We also learn that in the distant past, the hapless Vulcan refugees on Remus discovered a lifeform that is evolving every second, and it became integrated with a cloning project to produce the Remans as we see them in Star Trek: Nemesis. The Watarii are Vulcans who manage to leave Remus behind to find a barely habitable world and construct a society bent on revenge. Honestly, this was just an exercise to create the Remans and try to kluge them into the established Star Trek universe, and it failed miserably.

This series got off to a rollicking start, sputtered around in the second volume, and then utterly withered away and died in this conclusion.

This book is typical of the Pocketbooks mentality these days as it goes through hoops to explain every implausibility of the pathetic "Star Trek" Enterprise series and the equally wretched Star Trek: Nemesis. Like the other books they publish these days, it's just a bandaid for the deep wounds those two productions had on the Star Trek franchies.

Sadly, I cannot recommend this book for reading.

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