In the Name of Honor

Dayton Ward

reviewed by Randy Landers

Peace talks between the Klingon Empire come to a halt when evidence is discovered that the Klingons are holding Starfleet prisoners of war on a distant world. Captain Kirk, with the help of his old foe, Koloth, set out on an impossible rescue mission.

Thus begins an extremely well written, action-adventure novel from one of the best Pocketbook writers. Ward draws heavily on past Star Trek history and its characters to weave an intricate and believable tale, one of Klingon duplicity and even of Klingon honor. It’s also an excellent look at the conditions the prisoners have to endure, and the lengths that a man and a Klingon will go to in order to make things right.

All in all, one of the best Star Trek novels published by Pocketbooks. Definitely highly recommended for all.

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