"Star Trek" (2009) on Blu-ray

reviewed by Fred Dixon

It now has been six months since I saw Star Trek in the theaters. I purchased the blu-ray disc this week (at the urging of my 14 year old daughter I might add). I thought I would discuss this movie again, perhaps with some new insights.

My enduring reaction is about the story. It still is contrived. They needed everyone in their seats on the Enterprise at the conclusion and then reverse engineered the story. It is almost like they listed all the elements they needed at the beginning and then forced them into the story – we need to work Leonard Nimoy in, it must include Starfleet Academy, the birth of Kirk (they had the birth of Spock, too but deleted it), Kirk assuming command of the Enterprise, etc, etc. The blu-ray extra disc did shed some light on the proceedings.

I still give this movie a C+, but at least it was entertaining. Oh, my 14 year old daughter has watched Star Trek half a dozen times. Gee, it must rank right up there with Twilight and New Moon. High praise indeed.

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