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L.A. Graf

reviewed by Carolyn Kaberline

The Enterprise’s five year mission is over, and the crew has settled into their new roles: Kirk has been promoted to Admiral; Chekov has entered Security Academy; Sulu has become a test pilot for Star Fleet; McCoy is giving lectures at John Hopkins while enjoying his retirement in Georgia; Janice Rand is stationed at the Main Communications Array in Iceland; Christine Chapel is going for a joint M.D./ Ph.D. in xenophysiology; Uhura is teaching at Starfleet Academy; and Scotty is overseeing the refit of the Enterprise. And many of these—like Chekov, Sulu, and Uhura have accepted their current assignments so they’ll be nearby when the Enterprise is ready to set sail again.

For awhile all seems to be going well until Sulu is accused of being involved in the theft of a cloaking device installed on one of the ships he’s testing, and Chekov is accused of the murder of Doctor Mark Piper who’s engaged in secret research. Before long their fates become intermingled as a ship that Sulu is testing appears to crash, and Chekov is running for his life. It soon becomes evident that their only hope lies in their former captain as he searches for a way to save his former crew members.

Focusing on Chekov and Sulu, Traitor Winds is a well-written novel with plenty of twists and turns to keep readers engaged from beginning to end. While Kirk usually plays the major role in original series’ stories, this time he plays an important but "off screen" role in the story as he and Uhura search frantically not just for a way to prove Chekov’s innocence but also get to the bottom of a conspiracy that threatens to destroy the Federation. Finally they find the help they need from a most unlikely source and enlist the help of Kang, once a formidable foe. In addition to the return of Kang, other inhabitants of the Star Trek universe can be found in the novel in meaningful roles and remaining true to their original characters.

This novel is a must read for all fans of Chekov and Sulu and for those who just enjoy a good story.

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