trektomadworld.jpg (44856 bytes)Trek to Madworld

Stephen Goldin

reviewed by Randy Landers

In the midst of a rescue mission to a Federation colony, the Enterprise is sucked into a interspatial rift and thrust into the world of Enowil, a self-described "mad" Organian. They are not alone; also present are a Klingon battlecruiser and a Romulan bird-of-prey and their respective crews. Their task: to help Enowil find out what's missing in his life.

Enowil's world is truly a mad one. From the cannon-shot sun that bounces and banks off the clouds before coming to a stop, to the drama of a knight, damsel in distress and ornery dragon, the crews of all three ships are at first amazed at everything, and slowly and surely become complacent if not bored as Enowil shows them more and more of the insane nature of his constructed planet.

Klingons being what they are, their captain manages to convince a passenger aboard the Enterprise (representative of the colony needing rescuing) to plant a bomb aboard the Romulan ship. That plan is thwarted, and the young woman is thrust into a series of adventures with a Romulan engineer who caught her in the act.

Eventually, it all comes together quite nicely. A thoroughly enjoyable read, well constructed and very readable. This is one classic Trek novel that shouldn't be missed!

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