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Appendix A

compiled by Randall Landers

A complete guide to the various starships found in the Orion Universe.

Starfleet Ships

Destroyers, Scouts, Interceptors, Hospital Ships, Buoy Tenders  (credits found here as well)

Patrol Ships, Light Cruisers, Escorts, Assault Patrol Cruisers, Command Cruisers, Assault Cruisers, Frigates, Fast Frigates, Light Frigates, Long Range Cruisers

Heavy Cruisers, Heavy Frigates, Attack Frigates, Fast Cruisers, Transports, Dreadnoughts, Carriers

Troop Transports, Survey Cruisers, Deep Space Explorers, Perimeter Action Vessels, Tactical Cruisers, Minesweepers, Fighter Escorts, Fleet Tenders, Repair Tenders, Corsairs, Corvettes, Clippers, Schooners, Cutters, Light Transports

Transport/Tugs, Containers, Experimental Science Cruisers, Shuttlecraft, Fighters

Utility Craft, Space Stations, Space Docks, Freighters, Historial Vessels, Proposed Vessels

Federation Civilian Ships

Klingon Ships

Romulan Ships

Gorn Ships

Tholian Ships

Orion Ships

Other Ships


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