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We are interested in original Star Trek material for our various publication projects. ORION PRESS has served fandom since 1979, providing fans with some of the most entertaining fanzines available. Currently, we are only seeking material for our website.

ORION PRESS has also published nearly a hundred novellas over the years, including Nomad's The Daystrom Project, Donna Frelick's The Mindsweeper, Randy Landers' Chekov's Enterprise and Ann Zewen's No Cold Wind. If you are interested in having your novella published, please share it with us! All we insist upon is that the events of your novella remain true to Star Trek.

What we're looking for:

1) A good, well-written story that remains true to Star Trek and to the other stories on this website.

2) A willingness on the part of the author to have the story edited. Your story will remain your story, but it will be scrutinized closely and subject to revision. If you don't want your story edited, you'll need to submit it elsewhere. We will work with you in order to make the story the best it can possibly be, but we will not fight with you about changes we require. If you're unwilling to work with us, don't submit your story for consideration.

All stories accepted are subject to editing, and authors must be willing to consider doing rewrites of their work. Editing of a story may be limited or extreme, depending on the story; spelling, usage and grammatical errors will be corrected by the editor. Dialogue, plot, situations and character development are generally left intact, but our editors may require changes which they feel will enhance the story or make them true to a story already posted on the website. Such changes may be somewhat negotiable, but the editor has the final say. Failure to make required changes will result in the rejection of any submission.

All contributors will receive a galley proof of their work prior to its printing. It is the contributor's responsibility to closely check through the document for the occasional omissions which our spell checking programs and proofreaders may miss. Contributors have two weeks from the mailing date of the galley proof to disapprove or withdraw their submissions. If we do not receive word from a contributor, we will consider it a tacit assent. Please return only pages with corrections to the editor.

ORION PRESS uses Windows XP software and compatible technology to produce its fanzines. The editor uses IBM-compatible computers, and are capable of reading submissions sent via CDs and email. We can either use or convert files written in most word processor formats. Authors, we beg of you, DO NOT FORMAT your submission for publication. You may italicize where required, and make a maximum of two font changes, but do not set tabs, create headers or footers, et cetera. These only hinder our editor when formatting your story and the zine itself for posting to the Internet.

3) All submissions sent by mail must include a legal-sized self-addressed, stamped envelope (SASE) for notification of acceptance or rejection OR a valid email address by which we can contact the contributor. Any materials needing to be returned if rejected should be accompanied by an adequate sized envelope and sufficient postage for their return, if need be.

What we don't want:

1) ORION PRESS does not accept material based on any professionally published novels, and any material of this nature received will be returned unread. ORION PRESS does not accept Star Trek: The New Frontiers material as it is based on professionally published novels.

2) ORION PRESS does not accept material built on a work which appears in any fan publications or websites other than its own.

3) ORION PRESS does not accept any material unless directly related to Star Trek: The Original Series and movies with those characters.

4) ORION PRESS does not accept cross-universe material, such as Blake's Seven Meets Star Trek.

5) ORION PRESS does not pay its contributors. Those seeking monetary compensation can submit their works elsewhere.

What you get out of this:

1) Your story, once accepted into the ORION UNIVERSE, may be built upon by others, and will remain available on this website and in print for years to come. Some of the stories on our website were first printed more than three decades ago.

3) You get the -thrill of having your story available on a top-notch quality-oriented website where you can be assured that the fact your story will impress others. You get to be a part of our family of contributors whose best stories that have been proudly available since 1979.

Won't you join us? We'd love to consider your story for our next issue!

Send stories to:

main.gif (14802 bytes)Randall Landers
2460 Woodfield Circle
Lexington, Kentucky 40515

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