Romulan Uniforms
circa 2266 - 2323
images adapted from Star Trek: The Magazine, Star Trek Fact Files, The Art of Star Trek, Steven K. Dixon and Ex Astra Scientia


Robes are worn by government officials in the Romulan Senate Chambers.

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Praetor's Robes

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Senator's Robes

Romulan Imperial Navy
circa 2266 - 2284

The braid on sashes indicate rank. See below for details.

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Romulan Imperial Navy
circa 2284 - 2400


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circa 2266 - 2284

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circa 2284-2400

Romulan Ranks

The following illustration and chart shows a Romulan in uniform, along with denotations of rank. The upper tunic is silver and black. The lower kilt matches the sash color. The sash color is an indication of division of services: Red is the command division. Blue is the technical division. Green is the security division known as Tal Shiar. Gold is the exploration division. Rarely are officers with gold sashes and kilts seen. The Praetor himself wears an unadorned purple sash. Legionnaires wear no sash; sashes are for those of officers' rank only. Cadets wear a sash only at formal services. Helmets are generally worn by all with rank less than centurian, but some exceptions occur. Some commanders themselves wear the combat helmets; others do not require them of the lowliest legionnaire.

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  1 Praetor
  2 Quaestor
  3 Admiral
  4 Consul

  5 Legate
  6 Tribune
  7 Primus
  8 Primi

  9 Commander
10 Sub-Commander
11 Centurion
12 Lieutenant

13 Sub-Lieutenant
14 Legionnaire (no sash)
15 Cadet (Tirone)


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